Dr Malinga. Picture: ANTOINE DE RAS/INL

Dr Malinga takes the reins as Moss Makwati bids farewell to "No Excuse. Pay Your Papgeld…".

Moja Love has confirmed that the musician is taking over the controversial show that exposes deadbeat dad for not doing right by their children. 


“Moja Love is excited to welcome Dr Malinga to be part of the family as we hope that his contribution will continue from where the brave and courageous Moss Makwati left it”, said Jacqueline Rainers-Setai, Channel Head for Moja Love TV.


She continues to say that “the success of the show is riding on being bold and fearless in our approach, such that if there is any parent who does not pay papgeld are terrified by thought of the show coming to persuade them to do the right thing.”


Moja Love prides itself in unearthing new and incredible talent and are saddened by Moss Makwati’s departure but excited for his growth as he ventures into new avenues in this industry.