DStv loses subscribers over price hikes and repetitive content



Published Jul 4, 2024


Recently, the platform lost over 900,000 subscribers, a trend attributed to constant price hikes and a lack of fresh content. The removal of around 100 free channels has only added to the frustration.

Many subscribers have shared their thoughts and experiences on Facebook about DStv's service and its declining subscriber base.

Claris-Ann Horn-Human commented, “The only thing keeping them afloat is their sport channels. Soon as a competitor comes along it will mean the definite end of them.”

Lizelle Van Wyk expressed her frustration, saying, “They’re scamming us, with their huge fees and they keep repeating the same old shows and movies.

“Better I pay for Netflix, Showmax, and Prime, still cheaper and then there’s Apple TV as well they’ll keep losing subscribers.”

Tshegofatso Buba Mabiletsa added, “Imagine paying so much money just to watch 1980s’ movies and those other useless channels.”

Subscribers are particularly upset about the frequent repeats and the removal of the ability to access additional free channels.

MultiChoice’s decision to implement a software update in 2023 that blocked access to around 100 free channels previously available through a settings tweak has left many feeling short changed.

DStv decoders previously allowed access to around 100 free channels by changing a few settings under “Satellite Settings.”

These channels were broadcast from the same Intelsat-20 satellite used by DStv.

In 2023, MultiChoice removed the "Additional Networks" option via a software update to prevent unauthorized access to these channels.

This move was justified as a measure to protect content from piracy.

Despite the widespread dissatisfaction, DStv's exclusive sports content remains a significant draw for many.

As Horn-Human noted, the sport channels are a major factor keeping subscribers from leaving.

This highlights the importance of exclusive sports broadcasting rights in retaining a portion of their customer base.

As DStv continues to navigate these challenges, the platform must address the concerns of its subscribers to prevent further losses.

Improving content variety, reducing repeats, and reconsidering the removal of free channels could help regain customer trust and satisfaction.

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