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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE: Mabusi Seme speaks about JoJo Robinson throwing water at her on RHODurban

Real Housewives of Durban cast member, Mabusi Seme. PICTURE: Instagram

Real Housewives of Durban cast member, Mabusi Seme. PICTURE: Instagram

Published Apr 17, 2022


Is there anything as iconic, but also as problematic as the drink-throwing on The Real Housewives? It’s where stars are made (and dimmed) and things are just never the same afterwards.

Many fans of the shows have said it’s a way to get attention, show your contempt for your fellow cast members and also try to secure your contract for the next season.

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We have seen this happen in many a Real Housewives city- be it Atlanta or Beverly Hills, or New York, New Jersey and Orange County - the art of drink-throwing has been perfected. Johannesburg did in the second season and now Durban has also joined the fray in the Real Housewives Drink Throwing Brigade.

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Durban saw Jojo Robinson throw a glass of water at Mabusi Seme during a heated confrontation during their vacation in Sun City.

Jojo and Mabusi haven't gotten along since they met. They have traded barbs and insulted each other by asking questions that aim to embarrass each other (like when Jojo asked Mabusi how she can afford designer bags, in response to Mabusi asking her about why she is married to the much older Calvin).

So when the cast trip to Sun City happened, they were already on opposite ends of the spectrum, with neither of them liking each other.

So when Mabusi decided to bring back the game they played in Nambithi, where the women had asked each other deeply personal and insulting questions, everyone was on edge. This time it was Mabusi wanting to be transparent and telling the women who had asked the questions.

It went downhill when Jojo snapped at Mabusi for asking if she would have married someone of another race. It began a volley of words and insults, which escalated when Mabusi told Jojo to stop being a spoilt brat, and Jojo retaliated by telling her to shut up before throwing a glass of water in Mabusi’s lap. Mabusi tries to reach for a glass and falls on her knees. Mabusi saw red. “You can’t just come (to) throw water over me and think I will let you get away with it,” Mabusi says later in her testimonial. “No, I am not about that life. I am from Lamontville. I fought my battles. I know how to fight.

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“I can hit you. But I know I can’t because I’m going to get arrested. But I don’t talk, I hit.”

It’s a statement that sent chills down many viewers’ spines. Because that’s when you realise just how real these shows are, scripted they may be sometimes. The reactions are almost always real. And that if Mabusi had indeed hit Jojo, it would have been a different story altogether. So she had to take the humiliation and walk away to protect herself.

And then it happened - Jojo starts crying when the other women chide her for being rude to Mabusi. The episode ends with the other cast members irritated that Jojo wouldn’t take accountability for her role in a fight that nearly got ugly.

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IOL Entertainment caught up with Mabusi to talk about what happened, how she found the second season of the show, especially after being a fan favourite in the first season and whether she will return for a third season.

How have the dynamics between you and the cast members changed compared to last season?

We all have grown into our own and have also matured not only as wives but as mothers too. Yes, there are times when it’s not easy not having a spouse like the other ladies, but I don't allow that to work against me or get to me. Unfortunately, my partner is not in the country, making it difficult to be “accepted” by the women.

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Has it been easier working on this season compared to the first season?

The only difference with this season is that I didn't engage with the rest of the cast at the beginning as much as I would have loved to. But as the season progressed I managed to engage with the rest of the cast and meet the new ladies. Other than that, I am enjoying this season as I am having better relations with the ladies (compared to last season) and I am finally finding myself and fitting in with the cast.

You and JoJo Robinson have not had the easiest relationship on the show. Was it a personality clash or as we say in Zulu - uyaclassana?

It definitely was not a personality issue. Yes, we didn't see eye to eye with JoJo. Maybe we can say uyaclassana, uyajwayela (she’s classist and rude). I guess once she saw that ngiyayishaya intombazane (I will beat a girl up) she did a 180. I feel my laid-back relaxed and all-smiles attitude, made a number of the ladies take advantage of me. I sadly acted out of character when I reacted to JoJo’s way of handling matters, am not proud of.

I know we only see a few moments of weeks of shooting - but what do you think lead to your fallout with her?

Who knows, I don't want to answer on behalf of someone or assume what drove them to their actions. I can only answer for my reaction (to her actions). Maybe she misinterpreted me or my motives? I was honestly just trying to get to know the lass.

Where do you stand now?

I was never against JoJo. I was always trying to forge a healthy relationship with Jojo. The same way I did with Londie London and the same way I tried with Thobile Mseleku. Sadly at the time, JoJo allowed things to happen the way they did. What I am happier with is, that she realised her actions and I too realised I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. We are now in such a happy healthy place, we have ironed out all the silliness. I only pray we keep our relationship in that happy peaceful place and she too has told me she wants the same.

Mabusi Seme with Nonku Williams on The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2. PICTURE: Supplied

Ahead of the reunion, what are some of the things you hope to address?

When will I be a fully-fledged cast member, so that the ladies can see me as one of the group?

What prevented you from becoming a lead cast member, especially after a successful first season?

I have no idea because I feel like I am one of the ladies and the show has been constantly trending week in and week out, especially when I have been on the screen. I am hoping the relevant decision-makers will eventually be on the same level as their viewers and see I contribute just as much (if not more) than the rest of the cast.

Have you contributed enough to the show this season to make a comeback in the third season?

Most definitely! I give the viewters what they want and love. I am authentic and extremely relatable. I have a good young female following and I don’t think it would be fair to deprive them of me. Even their mothers approve of me and they too love me, so I am a good role model. Now, who wouldn't want me on their channel?

The Real Housewives of Durban streams on Showmax with new episodes dropping on Fridays at 5am.. .