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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Expect more drama on #SurvivorSA

Marthunis decided to leave the island voluntary. Picture: Supplied

Marthunis decided to leave the island voluntary. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 13, 2018


Last week on Survivor South Africa: Philippines contestant Marthunis decided to leave the island voluntary. After questioning Marthunis about his decision at Tribal Council, Nico Panagio told him he could leave if he wanted to – denying him a ceremonial torch snuff.

We chatted to the castaway to find out more about his downfall in the game. 

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Why did you decide to enter Survivor SA? 

To win the R1m. I was excited about partaking in the challenges, I love puzzles.

How did you prepare for Survivor? 

I ate as much as I could, so that I had enough fat to sustain me. I picked up 5kg in the short time before the show.

What was your strategy going into the game - and where do you think you failed?

I wanted to take the strongest people with me to the end and to then win the single immunity challenges during merge. We did not lose a single challenge I was in, except the one we threw, which was my idea. The idea behind this was to get rid of the weakest link in the tribe and have less mouths to feed. 

I failed when it came to all the emotional drama, not realizing that everyone wants to vote out the people they feel threatened by. Sure, that’s a strategy, but I love a challenge and wanted to play the physical aspect of the game. I’m an honest person, what you see is what you get. 

Despite all the drama, I played an honest game. I never lied to or cheated anyone. I didn’t understand how some people were willing to lie, cheat and be deceitful just to stay in the game.

What did you learn while on Survivor SA?

It’s better to be nice than being right, if you want something from someone and that people are willing to sell their souls for money.

At which stage in the game did you decide that you couldn't go through with the rest of the game? 

I realised that I was not where God wanted me to be. I knew I had to be with my family at home. I remembered the story of Jonah and the fish and I didn’t want to leave the island via a hospital, so I took that as confirmation that I had to go.

Any regrets? 

Being nasty towards other castaways.

What was the first thing you did when you got home? 

Made up for lost time with my family and helped my son get back to good health.

After such a tumultuous week on Survivor South Africa: Philippines, the Castaways could be forgiven for wanting time to regroup, but in the words of host Nico Panagio: “Just when you think you have this game figured out – think again!”. 

Tune in to Survivor South Africa: Philippines on Thursday at 7pm on M-Net 101. 

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