Come Dine With Me SA promises to dish up plenty of tasty treats. Picture: Supplied

Today, four strangers will come together to wine and dine in a bid to win R10 000 00.

The much anticipated fourth season of Come Dine With Me SA promises to be everything but boring.

The format is simple; South Africans take turns to host a dinner party and the guests score the host on their way home. Throughout the show, the narrator never fails to make the most of the participants’ fumbles and foibles.

With personality clashes at almost every dinner party, it’s often not just the champagne corks that go with a bang as insults are traded, homes are snooped around, and the flowing wine loosens the diners’ tongues.

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“Viewers can look forward to the same loved format of four fantastic strangers being thrown together for four consecutive nights to wine, dine and show off to the max in the hope of winning the cash prize of R10000. 

The new season promises more laughs, surprises and, believe it or not, more shocking dinner fails than ever,” said producer Kee-Leen Irvin.

Ever since season three, Irvin said people had been asking for another. So they heeded the call and hand-picked a diverse bunch of people to showcase.

“Come Dine With Me South Africa is a national obsession! We have had people banging on our doors since the end of season three asking when we would be bringing back a new series, so it is now officially back.

“We always look to bring people on to the show who genuinely love entertaining, who are confident and who we know will have audiences giggling from start to finish. It’s a show that really showcases the wonderful mix of people who live right here in SA,” she said.

In previous seasons, the show upset viewers who felt that South Africans were painted in a negative light because contestants got drunk. However, Irvin said that before shooting they advised contestants to drink sensibly throughout the evening.

“We reflect people as they are and we in fact encourage them to hold back on their drinking to ensure that they can make the most of the experience of being on the show and having fun. We also have a list of don’ts that we carefully adhere to,” she said.

That list includes not being shy, not actively avoiding getting to know the other contestants, not being offensive about race, culture, creed and gender orientation.

“There are also some general TV considerations such as avoiding clothing with fine stripes or dots as they strobe, and no product placement or branding.

“We don’t want contestants to be too prescriptive with behaviour as we want the show to feel natural and authentic. We choose a great mix of people from across South Africa to take part,” Irvin said.

She promised that this season viewers were in for a feast.

“As always, we’re bringing an absolute feast of different characters and laugh-out-loud entertainment from start to finish. This is absolutely not one to be missed,” she said.

* Come Dine with Me: South Africa will air from tonight on BBC Brit at 8pm.