Tarryn & Diego. Picture: Supplied

As the competition heats up, M-Net’s 'My Kitchen Rules SA' will introduce their second round of contestants in Table 2 this Sunday.  

Last week, the first round of the competition ended with the cooking couple, Tarryn and Diego being eliminated. 

This means that Kim and Pashi, Jalal and Adrie, Rox and Spoen and Minnie and Tee are the four pairs from the first group of contestants in Table 1 that will be moving into the next round of the competition: MKRSA Kitchen HQ, where they face a variety of tough challenges.

We chatted to the couple soon after their departure out of the competition. 

Your time on MKRSA was short lived. How do you feel?

We are obviously very disappointed about the outcome because we feel we had the potential to go so much further in the competition and we had so much more to offer but at the end of the day, we very proud of the outcome of our Instant Restaurant and wish all our fellow contestants the best for Kitchen HQ.

What would you two have done differently given the chance? 

We believe that the competition starts with menu choice, and knowing what we know now, we would have put more thought into the dishes we submitted as the dishes chosen for your IR can either make or break you. i.e. The Octopus.

What prompted you two to enter MKRSA and would you do it again? 

Our love for food and the hunger to learn more about food. Yes and no, it was one of the best and most difficult experiences all rolled into one.

Who are your favourites in the group?

Kim and Pashi.

What have you learnt from the experience? 

Always have a plan B. To always be yourself and trust your gut, no matter what.

What was your most challenging moment on the show?

Finding out that we were going to cook last, knowing how strategic our group was.

The second most challenging moment was our downfall around the availability of the fresh/baby Octopus. If we planned better, we could have pre-ordered the produce which would have changed our outcome of that dish drastically.