Florence Masebe pleads with Parliament to protect actors

Florence Masebe. Picture: Instagram

Florence Masebe. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 10, 2021


Veteran actress Florence Masebe is among the many actors in South Africa who are steadfast in their fight against Parliament.

They want audiovisual performers to be paid royalties.

The Performers’ Protection Act of 1967 fails to protect the rights of actors in today’s environment.

On Twitter, Masebe posted two clips of her submissions to Parliament to save actors from the “blatant exploitation” by broadcasters and producers.

In the first tweet she wrote: “Situation has not changed, it has gotten worse”.

Along with the following video.

In the second tweet, the caption read: “I am an actor in a country that does not believe in paying royalties for audiovisual performance.

“The law is not on my side. The lawmakers do not care. Don't let their condolences messages fool you.”

In a video, Masebe says: “My reality speaks to an environment of an actor in this country… not anywhere else but home.

“My input may be that of an individual but I strongly believe that my sentiments are representative of the voices of many audiovisual performers, actors who have not had the opportunity to put forward a submission to this committee and make their voices heard.

“I make this submission for the many actors, living and departed whose rights, moral and economic have not been protected by law… My first plea to this committee is that you please listen first and most whose voices of the people whose best interest this bill intends to serve.”

If the current amendments to the Bill are approved, it will mean that the South African statute will align with the international global practice that says actors should earn a sustainable living over the course of a career, in the form of royalties.

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