The "Idols SA" girls. Picture: Supplied

If this past Sunday's episode of "Idols SA" girls performances were anything to go by, the boys are in serious trouble. 

Their group performance of Beyoncé mashup of "Formation" and "Run the World" was a clear indication that the girls weren't here to play games.

The second half of the top 16 had Somizi giving a standing ovation twice, caused tension on the judges table and had voicing Randall fears for the boys after their overall lacklustre performances during their week. 

With Darlene being the only one to get a negative comment for her rendition of Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right But It's Okay" performance, and Somizi saying "Hai shem, it's not right. It is not okay".

The theme for the night was "Best Selling Ladies of the 21st Century" and Thando Mngomezulu, who gave the first performance of the night sang Jennifer Hudson's "Giving myself". 

Randall said, "It was certainly a very big song to start the evening with. I think certainly towards the end, and this happens very often in the competition, towards the end when the big notes come, singers get involved and people clap and applaud. Both the boys and the girls, you really need to own the song from the moment you start to sing. If you are here next week take that advice.

Unathi and Somizi thought it was exceptional.

"For the opening you killed it, you are memorable. You are not a dynamite, you are a dino-sure. Like Randal said, when you take a song like Jennifer's and like your Aretha, take it as it is and kill it even more. Don't be scared of the high notes. 

"But you were smart vocally, you did not murder yourself. You were artistically, intelligently, vocabulary, swaaaa," sending the crowd into laughter. 

Bongiwe Mdaka followed with Emeli Sande's "Beneath Your Beautiful", Wattahmelon sang Fantasia's "Lose to Win" and Unathi said "You understand that is a competition and the competition has begun".

If I was one of those 8 people sitting on those chairs I would be so nervous right now. I love your vocal control, I love your emotional inflection, everything you did tonight was beautiful. "

Somizi added: "You can sing, you have presence."

To which Randall said, "I agree on one thing, you have pipes. But the performance lacked presence."

Wattahmelon and Nosipho got a standing ovation from Somizi. The three contestants got varying reviews from the song not taking off, brilliance and Somizi telling Nosipho that she mopped the floor with that performance. 

Xae's performance of SZA's "Broken Clocks" got all three judges agreeing that she gave the best performance. 

Unathi said, "Really apologise for SA because you will make it difficult for them voting for you. You are brilliant, you look fantastic. Well done."

Somizi, on the other hand, said: "My child, I have never heard this song before. And for an artist to make the audience love the song is genius".

Randall said that she was in his list of 3 girls that will definitely go through. 

The youngest of the pack Yanga Sobetwa sang Adele's "Don't You Remember", receiving a standing ovation from Somizi. 

Somizi gave a "Wooooo shem". 

Randall didn't like the performance, while Unathi thought she was amazing. 

Ntokozo Makhathini sang a local song by Zahara, "Ndiza". In her imperfection, the judges thought her performance was outstanding. 

"I would much rather listen to you out-of-tune rather than 6 other contestants in tune," said Randall. 

Unathi was out of words, saying "Your imperfections are your perfections. You were in the moment, you were present in the song".

Somizi dubbed her performance as his most memorable and best performance for the night. 

The guest performance came from a former Idols contestant, Shekinah, who also gave the show a placard to thank them for playing a part in her journey to success. 

Next week, eight contestants will move on to the top 10, while the other two wild cards will be decided by the judges.