Zamantungwa "Graduate" Khumalo and Mandla "Golden" Maphumulo. Picture: Twitter/OPW

The love story between 34-year-old Zamantungwa Khumalo and 40-year-old Mandla Maphumulo took us down memory lane when love letters used to do the trick on Sunday night's episode of Our Perfect Wedding

The KZN's couple's love story started on a train when Mandla tried chatting Zama up, but like any skeptical lady, she resisted the conversation. 

He didn't lose hope and started writing down his feeling in letters, always accompanied by with chocolates and flowers. 

"He kept on trying until I was in my third year at DUT. That's when I saw that he was serious," said Zamantungwa. And it was smooth sailing from there. 
After their lobola payments were completed, on her birthday Mandla proposed.

Normally, it is the couple that writes into the show but this time around the bride's sister wrote in because "we love the show and wanted to see it here at home for them," said Ayanda Khumalo. 

On the morning of the wedding, the bride had to go to her in-laws to be formally welcomed, causing a few delays.

Their beach wedding theme was vintage, with Zamantungwa wearing a white ball gown with bling around the waist, and Zamantungwa was walked down by both her parents.

And then the priest dropped the bomb of the dreaded English names. Mandla being Golden and Zamantungwa being Graduate. 

"So I welcome you all to Golden and Graduate's wedding!" said the priest. Lol, imagine?  

The bridal party was transported on bikes back to the family home where the reception took place. Their chosen colours were white, dusty pink and champagne. Inside the tent, everything looked magical, and the couple agreed, Mandla saying he felt like he was in a hotel. 

One thing that stood out at the wedding reception as a "bit odd", was that the MC kept asking guests to stand up and kiss their partners. On top of that, he gathered everyone onto the dance floor and then asked the groom to come dance. 

Poor Mandla was clearly uncomfortable. "I didn't expect to be called to dance because I just can't dance," he said. 

As people were eating, the couple went to change to their traditional wedding attire. The traditional singing and dancing was done beautifully outside the tent too 

After all of the festivities, the couple thought everything about their day was perfect.