Roxy Burger and Katleho Sinivasan. Picture: Bhekikaya Mabaso
Roxy Burger and Katleho Sinivasan. Picture: Bhekikaya Mabaso
Roxy Burger Durban July. Picture: Supplied
Roxy Burger Durban July. Picture: Supplied

We have all been fashion victims right? But imagine having your bestie or a family member dress you down on national television. 

And then, to add insult to injury, your ‘malfunctioning’ wardrobe is laid bare for all to see. Finally, your former favourite clothes get shoved into some tube, and they disappear for good.

But it's all for your own good. 'How Do I Look SA' seeks to rectify all the fashion oopsies, and this is how it works: An ‘unfashionable’guest gets their wardrobe and sense of style scrutinised. 

Then they get a total makeover: new clothes, shoes, accessories, new hair style, make up and for some, a new attitude too.

Three wardrobe collections and three hairstyles are selected for each contestant by the host and two of the fashion victim's concerned friends.
The contestant then picks the collection they like best.

Adapted from the international franchise 'How Do I Look', hosted by American fashion expert Jeannie Mai, the local version features fashionista and Top Billing presenter Roxy Burger and E! South Africa host Katleho Sinivasan as your hosts. 

Viewers can expect laughter, tears here and there, a whole lot of surprises, and some life lessons.

Chatting the show presenters during the set visit in Randburg, Roxy said, “In each episode, the one thing that is very nice is, there is always a lesson," revealed Roxy.

"We always have a particular lesson which is tailored for and made for that particular contestant’s journey and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those. It is always related to style in some way, shape or form, but it always tries to talk to the problem that they (the contestants) are having.  

"If it’s a body conscious or just self confidence issue or whatever it might be, we always have a lesson that speaks to that."

But what really drew her to the show was her love of fashion.

.“I’ve always loved fashion, I’ve always loved clothes, I’ve always known it can make you feel a powerful in a particular suit or whatever it might be," she enthused.

"But I think to see the emotional response of each makeover contestant is mind blowing."

For Katleho, what resonates about the show is the real consequences of good fashion choices.

"What makes the show exciting is, it is as real as it can be," he explained.

"It's no news you are what you wear. In essence, your wardrobe says a lot about you."

But even our esteemed fashion experts have had their faux pas. Which means there's hope for all of us.

Roxy Burger Durban July. Picture: Supplied

“Mine was Durban July," says Roxy. "I’m talking Durban July maybe seven or eight years ago... I have fun with fashion I’m not going to get it right all the time," she confessed.

“I don't relate,” said Katleho, laughing. "My own fashion moment was in the past, not like Durban July... I’ve been slaying.

"Mine is like the worst, I think because the picture is so bad as well. It’s my matric dance suit. It was baggy. 

Katleho Sinivasan. Picture: Supplied

"You remember all school R&B baggy suit but it was shiny... it was so huge, that’s the worst and I still have the picture and it haunts me on Facebook."

Watch the duo share their Fashion DON'Ts for this summer:

* How Do I Look? South Africa premieres Friday, November 17 at 8pm on E! (DStv channel 124)