Yanga. Picture: Twitter

Last week's Top 8 Idols performances brought a live orchestra accompanying the Idols contestants as they fought for their spot in the top 7. 

However, Sunday's showstopper week proved to be even more of a challenge for the Idols hopefuls had to deal with the dancers and all the bells & whistles of a showstopper performance. 

The 'Idols SA' top 7 performers brought memorable Mzansi songs, an iconic Beyoncé song and some dance king bangers. 

For two weeks in a row, Yanga has been receiving praises from the judging panel and her fans too judging by what Twitterville has to say.

Yanga performed one of Mzansi's legendary song, mama Letha Mbulu's 'Not yet Uhuru' with a modern twist. 

Not only did she get a similar reaction as last week from Somizi, but she got all three judges on their feet in applause and a "Wooooo Shem". 

For Unathi, she said this was her favourite showstopper performance in the 8 years. 

"For a 16-year-old girl to literally own every single cast member, band member, dancer and make us not lose focus on you. And to allow a rendition that has been changed to 2018, to still bring it back to what it means to us, the people who were born in apartheid and our mothers and aunt's, my child that was amazing (sic), " said Unathi. 

While Somizi was sceptical at first, he ended up prophesying that Yanga is not meant for an office job but meant for the stage. 

Another performer who impressed the judges and receiving the second "Wooooo Shem" for the night, was Thando. 

The performer's rendition of Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' got her a standing ovation from two of the judges. 

"Thando, the reason why people keep watching the show, other than the fact that there is great singing, great band and great judges, it is the spirit. And that's the one thing that you've got," said Randal. 

Unathi, on the other hand, said, "I've been waiting for you to do a Beyoncé song since Theatre week and I'm so happy. It was everything Randal said and more. You killed it and I am so happy for you." 

Somizi agreed, saying she has a 'Caster Semeyindrome'.  "When Caster starts racing, she is at the last. And then in the finals, she is in front. You ruffled my feathers," he said. 

Thato's rendition of NaaqMusiq' s Mamelani reviews rave reviews too as he opened the show. 

"I honestly don't know if you were made for showstopper or that showstopper was made for you," said Randal.  

"We've seen so many of these shows and It's so easy for the performer to get overwhelmed and start concentrating on the dancing instead of focusing on the singing. You had both of them down." 

With the other two judges saying he killed his performance. 

Not all went well for the performers and Nosipho's rendition of Ariana Grande's 'Into You' was one of them that went south real quick and even with all the dancers it just didn't catch fire. 

Unathi said she is too considerate and guarding of her emotions. Somizi, on the other hand, said: "I think I've said everything needed to make you understand that this is a competition. You need to make a decision if you want to win this or not. At the moment you look like you are over and done with this. 

Make a decision. If your name is called next week, (prays in tongues) you must give us a reason to press the button and vote for your number, please. They (viewers) have pushed you enough to get here, can you just show them the appreciation by giving your heart on the floor."

Niyaaz's performance of Chris Brown's 'Turn Up the Music', was a mixed bag of reviews.

Somizi said he did not feel his vocal abilities through the song. "I knew that you would get the choreography but you need to be honest with your range and you will win because of honesty."

Randal questioned the balance, between performance and the vocals. Niyaaz wasn't fazed at all because he has been waiting 8 seasons to perform.

"It was amazing because I got to break it down, " he said when asked how he feels. 

Xae's Amerie's '1 Thing' performance got her the titles "most improved contestant" from Randal and "Queen of song choice" from Unathi and Somizi. 

And while King B has been dominating week after week, his performance of Heavy K's 'Inde' also got him a mixture of reviews. 

"In life, we have ups and downs, left, right and centre. And Today is one of those days where probably you will get to experience what it is to have a down. And it is okay because it doesn't take away from all the hard work you have done...the song choice for me was not the one for this particular showstopper."

With Randall agreeing that King B seemed disconnected from everything, but Unathi on the other hand, believed that his performance was amazing.

"Because everybody expects you to be 'wha wha wha' there. And because today vocally you exercised some restraints, did all the choreography. Now they want you to be the same guy they were telling you not to be. Keep them guessing King. Wakanda forever," she said. 

And even with 8. 5 million votes, the contestant who didn't receive enough votes and was evicted was Lincoln, all the way from the Western Cape. 

Next week, one more contestant will bite the dust, leaving only 6 to perform to become South Africa's next Idol.