Jack Devnarain. Picture: Instagram
Jack Devnarain. Picture: Instagram

Jack Devnarain, Roderick Jaftha, Craig Palm and Jaques de Silva join ’Isono’

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Dec 20, 2020

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This festive season, BET Africa series ’Isono’ reveals an exciting storyline about the complicated prison world, when the daily drama introduces new characters, welcoming seasoned actor Jack Devnarain as Hashmi.

The eloquent gangster masquerades as a high-class businessman, who always gets other prisoners on his side. Veteran actor Roderick Jaftha plays racist warder Officer Diedericks, who wanted to be a cop but ends up as a warder, despising his job.

Joining the prison world is Craig Palm as Numbers, the tattooed criminal who leads a small band of thugs in prison. Josey played by Jaques de Silva is in prison for credit card fraud. He’s never thrown a punch in his life, let alone wielded a gun.

Earlier this month, viewers were introduced to Nigerian Pastor Abiola’s family featuring Anthony Oseyemi, Christine Osifuye and Chioma Umeala.

Pastor Abiola is desperate to prove himself as a worthy man of the cloth, intent on building a great church community.

The character is played by international actor Oseyemi. No stranger to the small and big screen, Oseyemi’s featured recently in the successful local film “The Five Fingers for Marseilles”.

In ’Isono’, he plays a wandering Nigerian pastor who has never managed to settle into having his own congregation.

He convinces the church to send him to the local town of Vosloorus as a stand-in, following the previous pastor’s suicide.

Abiola’s wife Titi, who is the heart of the family, is played by Nigerian actress, Christine Osifuye.

She is an interesting character, who battles depression, just like her late son Olufemi.

’Isono’ airs on BET Africa every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm

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