'Legacy' producer Phathu Makwarela likes to kiki with his fans on social media

Phathu Makwarela

M-Net's 'Legacy' producer, Phathu Makwarela. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 20, 2020


M-Net's “Legacy” producer, Phathu Makwarela took to Twitter to kiki (having a chit-chat with people) with his fans and he thanked them for communicating with him about his shows.

Makwarela is responsible for many successful local daily dramas that include, "The Queen", "Gomora", "The River" and his most recent offering, "Legacy" that has South African viewers on the edge of their seats every time they watch.

In his Twitter thread, Makwarela said: “I've come to learn that "most" people who follow me are fans of my work.

“They start off watching #TheRiver1Magic #LegacySA #Gomora or #TheQueenMzansi and enjoy the shows... then find me on this platform to continue the conversation about the shows.

“You become the extension of their viewing engagement in this new age of consuming content.

“Like a wall were they can voice their pleasure, displeasure, likes and dislike as they watch the content”.

He continued: “Not that they dictate narratives - thank goodness. But I respect that they love to be heard even though now and again I'll hurt their feelings. But I still get to write the finale ... not them,” the thread read.

Makwarela’s fans commented on the tweets saying that they love his work and wanted to get to know the person behind the storytelling.

Mbuyi Shadrack said: “On point sir. For the longest time I wanted to know who Phathu is because I enjoyed watching your work. Following you just gives me that 'peek' into your content and you as a person”.

Mamo Mahlase said: “I started ’following’ you on Facebook many moons ago when you were still at ’Muvhango’.

“I liked your comments on TV content on Facebook, mainly because I was also just starting out in the industry/SAUK as you call it and needed insights to use in my strat presentations“.

While King Pat Crown said: “And we love when you also engage with us”.

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