Linda Sokhulu is making a comeback on "Rhythm City" after 11 years. Picture: Supplied

Linda Sokhulu is the latest addition to the cast of local soapie "Rhythm City" and will make her debut on Tuesday, April 16 as a smart and savvy businessperson who has a booming laugh and a dirty sense of humour. 

She takes no nonsense, but doesn’t have to prove she’s tough. She is both streetwise and worldly, and knows how to use her beauty and brains to get what she wants.

Congrats, are you excited to be joining the team again?

I'm excited to be back on "Rhythm City". It’s 11 years later. We now see her ten years later, evolved .

Tell us about Ziyanda and her storyline.

In 2008 when Ziyanda was first introduced,  she came in as David Genaro's Sangoma. She was already into business then, but it wasn't a main focus. When she comes back, she's more about business development . She still has her gift as a Sangoma, which will be explored.

Ziyanda is sassy and smart, much like your role on "Isidingo". So was it easy fitting into this character?

She is all of the above. However, I don't see her in the same light as my role on "Isidingo". Ziyanda is different in that she is driven by different goals. Whereas Nikiwe was more about growing the family business, Ziyanda is now about growing people. She easily holds her own in a male dominated world and her attitude is far more bullish.

What is it about strong female roles that you enjoy?

I like the idea of playing strong women, as I like how they can influence young women's minds to being the best they can be in any walk of life.

Your thoughts on this storyline and the rest of the cast?

I'm loving the storyline. As much as I can identify what she is about, Ziyanda is full of intrigue. Working on the show is a joy , as it is so familiar to me. The cast and crew make it a pleasure to be on set.

What storyline would you want to see visited?

I would be excited to see Ziyanda and Genaro re-visited. This was Ziyanda's introduction to "Rhythm City". As her journey with Suffocate grows, I'm keen to see where the writers see the story going.

What else are you working on?

I'm also pursuing writing. It's interesting to learn a different discipline in the Industry. It gives a far more holistic view on what it takes to create a production. Ziyanda is the epitome of elegant sexiness. 

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