Pamela Nomvete as Deborah on Lock Down Season 3. Picture: Twitter

Mzansi Magic's prison drama series Lockdown boasts a stellar cast of the who's who in SA TV and with season 3 addition of US actress Tichina Arnold, the show is even more riveting.

Monday night’s episode saw prison warden Deborah’s (Pamela Nomvete) dark secret being exposed for the world to see when one of the inmates Maki (Linda Sebezo) told Deborah’s son (Simon) that his mother is a 'paedophile', who slept her son (Aluta), who was 13 at the time.

Maki made her mission very clear from the onset that she wants nothing but to seek revenge on the woman (Deborah) who took her son away.

While spilling the beans, Maki revealed that Deborah got herself pregnant with Aluta, who is Simon's father. Talk about drama.

What's worse is Deborah is molesting her own son too.

Twitter went abuzz as viewers express their shock and disgust to Deborah's behaviour:

 Debra molested Simon father,eventually got pregnant then gave birth to Simon and molested him too. Sick 😭😭😭💔#LockdownS3

While viewers were still trying to comprehend what Deborah's been doing behind closed doors, Simon gets a call that may change that may put his life in more danger that he's already in.

In Simon's mission to rescue his fugitive girlfriend, Monde (Zola Nombona), the couple nearly got caught. However, Simon managed to escape with the diamonds that everyone is looking for.

And the soundtracks continue to touch many of the show's fans.