Some of the cast members on 'Love Island SA'. Picture: Twitter
Some of the cast members on 'Love Island SA'. Picture: Twitter

’Love Island SA’ premiere leaves Mzansi fans angry

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Mar 1, 2021

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South Africans have made their displeasure known in no uncertain fashion after Love Island SA premiered on Sunday.

The premise of the show sees 10 hopefuls coupling up multiple times and living together – all in the name of love and the chance to win R1 million.

The single “islanders”, basking in a heavenly setting, embark on a summer of love, friendships and, ultimately, relationships. But the road to love doesn’t always run smoothly.

Every few days, they must couple up – those who fail to find a partner risk being dumped from the island. Challenges abound, with new arrivals and dramatic twists, as friendships and relationships form and disintegrate.

An additional challenge to choosing their partners wisely (or deciding to stick with them), islanders must also win the hearts of viewers, who have the opportunity to shape on-screen events and ultimately crown one lucky couple the winners.

Since the announcement of the popular UK reality TV show, South African fans have been waiting patiently to see how the local version stacks up against the original.

The online banter quickly shifted from excitement to confusion, with disappointment paramount.

A lack of diversity among the contestants was a major criticism, with the initial 10 cast members only having two coloured and two black contestants.

Fans also took a jab at the men in the show with the lack of height seeming to be a hot topic both in the show and online.

“The Bachelorette SA” Qiniso Van Damme also threw in a joke about South African men being short and said: “What an intriguing start to #LoveIslandSA... eish, height is a challenge in our country, hey...”

The episode itself also faced several production issues such as the music not being queued up properly, with one cast member walking out in silence.

Audio from the on-set production team was heard, scenes ended abruptly with the end-credits being rolled in silence.

And the overall video and sound quality being subpar were some of the issues that fans called out.

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