Mischka and Xavier on ’Love Island SA’. Picture: Supplied
Mischka and Xavier on ’Love Island SA’. Picture: Supplied

'Love Island SA' started on a high and ended back at Friendship Island

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Mar 26, 2021

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“Love Island SA” seemed to be finally finding its groove this week following the exit of Kaige, Erin and Rochelle with the new bombshells bringing some much-needed heat.

While Thimna and Libho are still going strong capturing the hearts of Mzansi the rest of the Islanders have been in a revolving door of chats with no real love connections being made.

Millie and Xavier were going strong until Mischka entered the villa and shook the table.

This ended up with Xavier dumping Millie as only a f*ck boy can. Things between Tania and Josh also seemed to be heated up and fans loved that after sitting through many episodes of Friendship Island some love/lust couplings started happening.

Sparks were flying and it looked like the drama fans were looking for finally arrived, however, midway through it was announced a re-coupling would take place.

This seemed to be very unnecessary since four of the Islanders only recently entered the villa with the ratio for guys to girls at that stage being at equal numbers.

The fire that was starting to burn was basically dosed with water and we ended back at Islanders franticly pulling each other to the side and making alliances to stay on what appears to be a bestiecation for many of them.

Yet, again we as viewers had to hear after the fact that certain possible couples didn’t come to fruition with Auntie Asad saying he saw Jelena as a little sister, Tania friend-zoning Josh, Ian and Thiala having ended things and Chris behaving as if he was actually on a deserted island.

The re-coupling structure this time around served no real purpose with many long time fans stating that they were trying to do an abridged Casa Amor that failed dismally.

As most of the Islanders already planned ahead who they were going to pick and since the majority of them are in BFF couplings there was no drama, no moment, no suspense.

And this is been an ongoing issue with the show where there seems the lack of story producing happening and the “Unseen Bits“ episode on a Sunday including scenes that should have been in a normal episode.

At this stage it is still Thimna and Libho’s competition to lose but hopefully with more new islander coming next week some of the Islanders on this bestiecation – I’m looking at you Ian, Summer, Millie and Thiala – will be given the boot and we can get back to Love Island.

I’m tired of singing Black Eye’d Peas classic, “Where is the Love?” when watching Friendsh- er... “Love Island SA” .

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