Anton David Jeftha. Picture: Supplied
Anton David Jeftha. Picture: Supplied

M-Net’s 'Legacy' has viewers waiting with bated breath

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Sep 21, 2020

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Authentic local storytelling is on the cards in M-Net’s newest telenovela “Legacy”.

Starring a plethora of A-list actors including Kgomotoso Christopher, Mary-anne Barlow and newcomer Anton David Jeftha among others, the soapie will dive into the world of the mega rich and reveal their family downfalls.

Centred on Sebastian Price aka Sabastian Snr (played by Deon Lotz), who built an upmarket investment empire in his early twenties, it is now time the silver fox retire and it’s clear that a family member will soon have to take over the reins.

Jeftha who was cast as Sabastian Jnr (SJ), the son of the billionaire mogul Sabastian Snr said the most challenging part of the role for him was learning how to act “wealthy and opulent”.

“I’m born and bred in the Cape Flats, so being comfortable in the environment and embodying the lifestyle the Price’s have, had me searching for rich kids/ heirs on Google, looking at the way they carry themselves and communicate.

“Living in LA for the past five years however was also good preparation for my role as I was expected to have a subtle ‘twang’ as and, believably, have a bit of an international presence,” said Jeftha.

Aside from the general plot, Jeftha’s character has an important storyline of his own.

He is the son of a white man and African woman and is battling to find an identity.

“Sabastian Jnr is the first mixed race family member and with this comes certain challenges of identity and wanting to find his own path, independent of his family. This can be seen by him being an international student and him initially wanting to create a life for himself abroad,” he said.

Written by industry legends Gwydion Beynon and Phathu Makwarela and created by award-winning production company, Tshedza Pictures this is a story about ambition, wealth, opulence, poverty, race, post-apartheid, heritage, celebrity, greed, deceit, love, hate, resentment, forgiveness and family.

“The production is mind blowing. I get to read the works of these brilliant writers and work with a crew who are synonymous with the highest level of production value. The filmic quality is out of this world.

“Then the dynamic directorship team led by Catherine Cooke; whom I get to work with again after seven years is just a dream, and I feel safe enough to trust them with performance notes and character guidance,” said Jeftha.

Adding that the ‘delicious cherry on top’ is working with a phenomenal cast.

“They are legendary and working with them is such a game changer for my craft. With the standard being where it’s at, we have a call sheet of star players.

“When you’re surrounded by performers like this, the only natural progression is upward, as you innately understand that everyone needs to elevate their game,” he said.

Jeftha said that the show will leave South African viewers on the edge of their seats.

“It’s a show with a plethora of themes which we as ordinary and not so ordinary South Africans face on a daily basis.

“I’m sure the audience might find themselves with the mirror held up at themselves and find joy, laughter and intrigue through experiencing the fascinating world the writing team, crews and cast have created,” he said.

Jeftha said, viewers can expect local storytelling like it’s never been told before, boundaries being pushed, stereotypes being explored, a bit of humour and a sense of exhilaration as the show explores the everyday South African experiences.

“There is also drama of course. We’re all in this together, no matter the social class, financial class or racial demographic, is what you find as you delve deeper into “Legacy”.

“I’d say the same goes for the South African audience, we couldn’t tell our stories if people weren’t interested.

“My biggest hope is that it brings a sense of togetherness and joy to the culture and that all South Africans tune in and enjoy,” Jeftha said.

On a lighter note, Jeftha, who has been in LA for the five years said South Africa will always be the place he calls home.

“SA is my heart, always will be, there isn’t a citizenship that could convince me to relinquish mine, never.

“My family is here, the streets where I learnt so much in my youth and just having the greatest of memories. Those first foundations establishing memories are forever, it is what makes me proudly South African,” he said.

Currently Jeftha is in between Cape Town and Johannesburg but also has work lined up overseas.

“I’ve got a feature film lined up in Georgia Savannah.

“This remains in the pipeline until international borders open up and the Covid-19 regulations ease up on filmmaking in the United States. For now, I am taking it one grateful day at a time,” said Jeftha.

“Legacy” debuts on Monday, September 21 at 7pm on M-Net (DStv channel 101). Thereafter the telenovela continues from Mondays to Thursdays.

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