n a few hours, Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will air on M-Net. Meet the Laumei tribe.
n a few hours, Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will air on M-Net. Meet the Laumei tribe.

Meet the third tribe of #SurvivorSA's 'Island of Secrets'

By IOL Supplied Time of article published May 16, 2019

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Today is Survivor fans have been waiting for has arrived. In a few hours, "Survivor SA: Island of Secrets" will air on M-Net.

Throughout the week, fans were treated to sneak peaks of the first two tribes, Ta’alo and Sa’ula. Now meet the third tribe that will also be premiering on tonight's episode.

The third tribe in Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will be known as Laumei with mustard as its tribal colour. Will they be able to keep up with the Survivor warriors in the other tribes? 

Here they are...

Laetitia Le Roux, 58, Nurse from Randburg, Johannesburg

At 58, Laetitia is the oldest castaway on Survivor South Africa, but even though she may seem like a typical Afrikaans granny she is much more than just the doting mother of five children and four grand children. Laetitia calls a spade a spade and can’t stand what she calls lazy and stupid people as well as big mouths and know-it-alls who are just big bags of wind. This "Super Ouma" has been looking after others for all her life. She admits that Survivor SA is her opportunity to finally "do it for herself".

Mike Venter, 21, Radio Presenter from Parkrand, Boksburg

 Energetic, optimistic, exuberant and motormouth-millennial, Mike is the youngest of the Survivors in the South African show’s seventh season. While studying law, Mike started pursuing a career in radio, first honing his skills at varsity radio station Voice of Wits and now doing a stint on East Coast Radio. If someone can change the world, it’s Mike! “It’s time for the youth to stand up and claim their place in the sun – by winning Survivor,” he says. Only problem is he can’t sleep without taking a hot bath and gets “hangry” by 9:30 in the morning. But maybe he’s just joking – because it’s obvious that he can talk a good game and likes a smile on his face. 

Rose-Lee Smith, 33, Crime Scene Analyst from Paulshof, Johannesburg

CSI meets Survivor SA in the guise of a mother-of-three, super-observant Rose-Lee. After completing her Honours Degree in Criminology, she joined the SAPS to use her analytic skills to ensure that those who break the law end up behind bars. Rose-Lee is a born-and-bred Durbanite who has been living in Johannesburg for the past couple of years. But no matter where she is, people have the tendency to open up to this down-to-earth good listener to tell her their deepest and darkest secrets – or just to get some advice. Rose-Lee admits that she’s quite a girly-girl. Behind the beautiful, down-to-earth surface,  however, is one tough cookie, who is used to seeing blood, guts and guns.  At the beginning of the year, Rose-Lee left her husband and kids to attend brutal police training and she’s recently lost 30kgs after focusing on pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 

Mamba Molefe, 28, Investment Analyst from Plumstead, Cape Town

Mmaba is a young, successful Zulu woman with an infectious laugh. In her spare time, she runs an NGO that cultivates young leaders and also tutors. She describes herself as a steady, easy-going individual who can also be persistent when there are goals to achieve. Not only did she learn how to ride a bike in her late 20s, she also worked hard to be able to afford a plot of land for her mother to build a house on. “I think people will underestimate me,” the bubbly go-getter says. “And that just suits me fine."

Durāo Mariano, 28, Hotel Guest Liaison from Newlands East, Durban

Charming, confident and diplomatic Durāo from Durban holds a finance degree, but decided to go into the hospitality industry because he loves food, people and travel. Durāo believes life is full of endless possibilities and if someone tells him that he doesn’t take life seriously enough, he will reply calmly that it’s his life and he chooses the best way to live it. Working in the hospitality industry, difficult customers happen to be his bread and butter, but on Survivor he plans to have his bread buttered on both sides! The one thing he won’t do, however, is use foul language. He claims to have never uttered a swear word in his life. 

Geoffrey Cooke-Tenneson, 33, Home loans Consultant from Colenso, KZN

Geoffrey is married with children and works as a home loans consultant. And that’s where normality ends in Geoffrey’s world. In his own words, he’s a quirky goofball who has the tendency to gossip like a school girl. To that he adds that he is a shameless manipulator who has been called a “he-bitch” more than once. Yet, this tenacious lover of whatever causes drama knows just what to say to butter people up and make them love him. Yes, he is sneaky and conniving and doesn’t really care what people think about him – as long as he does what is needed to win Survivor.

Rocco Van Rooyen, 26, Pro Athlete from Stellenberg, Cape Town

Sweet muscle-man Rocco is an accomplished, fiercely competitive Olympic athlete and javelinist who went to Rio in 2018 and has represented South Africa for more than six years. He may be soft-spoken, but he is a fighter of note. “I am someone who has never quit in the past and I will dominate in the Survivor challenges,” he says. Don’t underestimate his social skills. He is a good guy with good intentions and makes friends easily. So what could be his downfall in Survivor SA? Maybe creepy crawlies. “Goggas really freak me out!”

* Survivor SA: Island of Secrets will premiere on M-Net (DStv 101) tonight at 7pm. 

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