Omuhle Gela quits SABC1’s ‘Uzalo’ after a contract dispute

Actress Omuhle Gela. Picture: Instagram

Actress Omuhle Gela. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 4, 2022


Fictional drama and tension became a reality when SABC 1’s “Uzalo” actress Omuhle Gela decided to leave the show with immediate effect this week.

Gela, who plays Nomaswazi, the daughter of Njinji (played by Thembi Nyandeni), is described as a smart, good looking and conniving woman who moves stealthily like her mother.

Gela made her debut on the soapie in May and has left the show allegedly over changes made to her contract by the production team.

Speaking to “Zimoja”, a source said of Gela’s decision: "She is fuming. She decided not to show up (on the set) because she feels disrespected. I don't blame her, how do you agree on certain terms with an actor and then you change the contract.

“It is such a mess people were told not to come to work, I wonder how they are going to cope the coming month because the script revolves around her character “ says the source.

Gela told “Zimoja”: “Yes, I’ve unfortunately made the decision to exit, I can’t say much right now but I will certainly agree I am not happy and saw it fit to dismiss myself from the production with immediate effect”

The actress uprooted her life from Johannesburg to KwaZulu-Natal to fulfil her duties for the show, and felt short changed.

Gela posted on Instagram: “I’ve unfortunately made the decision to leave the show with immediate effect, everything said on this article is 100% true and I have nothing further to add or dispute.“

“Uzalo” publicist Nomfundo Zondi said: “Omuhle Gela, who portrays the role of Nomaswazi Magwaza, will no longer be part of SABC 1's hit show Uzalo due to not agreeing to contractual terms.

“We will update you about future developments regarding this. Stained Glass wishes to thank Omuhle once again for being a part of our family and we wish her success in her future endeavours.”

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