Basil Khoza, 35, and Mpho Tsooana, 34. Picture: Twitter
Basil Khoza, 35, and Mpho Tsooana, 34. Picture: Twitter

#OPW couple's wedding infuses three cultures for their big day

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Nov 12, 2018

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Though their families did not approve of their love at first, Basil Khoza, 35, and Mpho Tsooana, 34, walked down the aisle, as a symbol of their lifetime commitment to one another.

"Our Perfect Wedding" was invited as proof that how love conquers all. 

The East Rand couple met in April 2012, and Basil quickly fell in love with Mpho. But it was only over time that Mpho's love for her now husband grew.

"Growing up, I was the kind of guy who goes for what he wants. I always believed I would get it in the end," said Basil.

"I knew eventually she'd become Mrs Khoza," he added. And indeed she was. 

Day one the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown before changing into their first traditional outfit ( isiZulu). 

Basil wore a black Chinese collar suit with beadwork on it, opting to don his Zulu traditional attire later on. 

Our Perfect Wedding. Picture: Twitter

Day two, the traditional wedding day, was to welcome the new bride into the Khoza home where they sand and dance before they welcomed her. 

The couple dressed in the Sesotho attire for the gifting ceremony and wore their XiTsonga outfits for the reception, to which Nomsa said: "All the Tsonga colours are here. Any colour that represents Tsonga is here."

Our Perfect Wedding. Picture: Twitter

The two traditions seSotho and isiZulu represent the bride and Xitsonga represented Basil.

And like many of OPW's wedding, theirs too had its unexpected turns and twists.

1. When the couple went to collect their rings, the sales lady took that opportunity to give some marital advice, to which Nomsa responded: "You are anointed and full of prophecies. You are in the wrong professions."

2. The bride is not one who accepts mediocre. Although she was not clued up on cakes, she knew exactly what she wanted and was never too shy to express her view. 

She asked why a chocolate cake doesn't look like one (theirs looked more like a caramel cake). Secondly, the two fruitcakes that formed part of the four-tier stack did not fly with her. And to appease the bride, the cake maker promised her an extra vanilla cake on the side. 

3. The bridesmaids wore jumpsuits, with tutu skirts on top of them, which they could detach when the felt they didn't need them. Nomsa called them curtains.

Our Perfect Wedding. Picture: Twitter

4. The gentleman who caught the garter said out the name of the lady who the garter was for. The lady almost hid under the table. Talk about a guy who knows what he wants.

But after all, was said and done, the couple deemed their special two days as their extreme perfect wedding. 

Our Perfect Wedding. Picture: Twitter

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