Mr. and Mrs. Ntuli. Picture: Twitter

Vezi Ntuli (42) and Zandile Zulu (38) met in 1996 in their hometown Eshowe. 

Vezi, who was born blind, would often travel for school and would come back home (Eshowe) during the school holidays. 

Upon his return, he was informed of a new girl in the villages who was being sought after by every guy. 

He also joined the pursuit, by declaring his love via writing close to 50 letters with no response, until he won her over. 

"...of all the things I could imagine, I imagine her as an angel. I thought she was more beautiful than any other woman in the village," said Vezi. 

During the on-screen wedding preparations, Zandile was only permitted to go taste the food but after that could not leave the house until she was handed over to the Ntuli family.

"Because of time and in the Zulu culture, I shouldn't be here, I should be back home with my family. I can't leave my family home until the cow is slaughtered, only then can I go to my in-laws," explains Zandile. 

Their traditional ceremony came first (as opposed to what has become a norm) and was proof of how beautiful our African cultures are. 

To welcome the bride into the Ntuli family, the couple was presented before the chief who asked if they truly loved each other. 

Dressed in their full traditional attire, and having to consult the ancestors first, the couple dance one by one after declaring their love for each other, as a sign of celebration. The gift ceremony followed shortly after, and then the introduction of families to ancestors. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ntuli. Picture: Twitter

It was only the following day that the couple took the Western route for the white wedding celebrations. 

Zandile wore a ballgown dress while the groom wore a black and white Tuxedo.

Mrs Ntuli. Picture: Twitter

Their wedding celebration took place outside the stadium due to the keys not being found. 

But the show went on, with Vezi saying he imagined his bride as an angel. "I feel like the king of the world. And because I can't see her, I have to imagine what she looks like. I imagined she look like an angel from heaven," he explained. 

With their vows coming straight from their hearts, the couple shared a brief kiss before changing into their second, more modern, traditional attire. 

The wedding festivities went on right through the night, and with everything done and dusted, Mr and Mrs Ntuli dubbed their two-day celebration as 'their perfect wedding'.