Kgotso Ralebanya and Cathleen Mathews love story played out last Sunday on "Our Perfect Wedding". Photo: Twitter/OPW

"Our Perfect Wedding" introduced us to Kgotso Ralebanya, 40,  and Cathleen Mathews, 37, on Sunday. The couple met by chance when Kgotso visited Cathleen's sister and immediately fell in love with her. But Cathleen was not interested and played hard to get.

Determined to win her heart, Kgotso secured her contact number, but went mute soon after, which then prompted Cathleen to pursue him.

"I was telling him that I don't feel like playing hide and seek anymore. 'Why are you doing this? If you are not interested, tell me so I can move on," she said.

And from then, they established a relationship that has resulted in marriage. Kgotso even gave her a new name Brownie, a name that stuck till today

"To me, Cathleen is my pillar of strength, she is my friend and a partner with whom I don't hold back, "Kgotso said.

When Cathleen fell pregnant with their little girl Kgomotso, Kgotso was hospitalised for almost three months, leaving Cathleen alone as she didn't get any support from anyone.

"People had even written me off saying I won't see December. But how many more Decembers did I see since then? Cathleen has always been by my side," added the emotional Kgotso.

He promised a huge wedding while in the hospital and a huge wedding he gave her.

The decor that made it onto their wishlist was on point. The primary colour was pink, which matched with their bridesmaids' dresses. The groomsmen also had touches of pink in their suits. 

After seeing his bride in her wedding gown, Kgotso could not hold back the tears. 

"I got emotional a few seconds after I saw her. I saw her and thought wow, my queen has arrived!" he said. 

Kgotso wore a cream three-piece suit with a pink waistcoat, shirt, and tie. 

"I used to believe that I am a strong person but I just realized that I might look strong outside but inside I am weak," he added. 

The couple said their own vows, from the heart, as it is better to talk from your heart, explained Kgotso. 

Rings were exchanged and the infamous watch giving was also done by the bride saying let the watch be a heartbeat that reminds him to go home on time. 

Soon after their kiss, the couple went on to take their pictures and headed to their reception area where Kgotso took charge of the seating arrangements. 

The couple invited 110 guests and didn't want any extras so Kgotso scratched out all the names of the people who couldn't make it so no one takes their place, saying he didn't want a stampede. No invite, no entry. 

During the speeches, the father of the bride definitely took the cup for the most entertaining speaker. He spoke for such a long time that he had to reprimand himself to step down. 

At some point, Kgotso took over the role of being the MC when their hired MC went MIA. The cakes were handed over to their parents, a toast was done, dancing and food served.

In the end, their wedding day was outstanding, said the couple, and said it was their blessed, blessed perfect wedding, ending it off in their signature handshake.