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Friday, May 27, 2022

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Phathu Makwarela chats about 100th episode of ’Legacy’

Producer of ’Legacy’, Phathu Makwarela. Picture: Supplied

Producer of ’Legacy’, Phathu Makwarela. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 11, 2021


M-Net telenovela, “Legacy” has reached its 100th episode that will air on Thursday, March 11.

And to celebrate this milestone, producer, Phathu Makwarela chats about the ups and downs of filming the show during a pandemic and more.

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How do you feel upon reaching this milestone?

“I think having being part of a team that has pioneered telenovelas in South Africa the first episode tends to be the most difficult one.

“It’s the one where the broadcaster has a lot of involvement in.

“The stakes are much higher to get the first episode right and approved.

“So when it gets approved and goes on air and people love it - there is a sense of relief, that you have done something right.

“But the reality is that this sense of relief is very short lived because then you realise there are so many miles to go, and a show can rise and fall in the many episodes after episode one.

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“And the fact that legacy is still here at episode 100, it’s astounding. It’s a new market we are exploring, and its turned out surprising amazing.”

What more can fans look forward to in upcoming episodes?

“I think its more family centric drama, emotional drama that deals with issues that South Africans across all race and colour are dealing with. It’s tales of betrayal and love.

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“Right now James has become the big bad wolf that has entered and he is going to shake things up.

“And there is going to be a side of felicity that people have not seen yet.

“There is also a buddying romance that I don’t think viewers have seen coming. It’s with two of the characters that been on the opposing force of the show.

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“Right now I think it’s a very topical, forbidden romance and I would love to see how viewers react to that.”

How do you deal with criticism?

“Any public work, especially any artistic work that is put out of public consumption, will have those that like it and those that don’t.

“One doesn’t have to say anything to the so-called haters.“

Your favourite storyline?

“My favourite storyline so far has been John. When John came back to terrorise Felicity.”

How challenging has filming in a pandemic been?

“In the beginning it was very challenging. TV is a very intimate space.

“Nobody really knew what Covid-19 was and wasn’t sure how to handle it and we were in a state of panic, but I think as the virus evolved and it had become part of our consciousness and how to safeguard ourselves, the crew and cast have adjusted to that.

“It’s a learning process and we adapt the production model as we discover more and we adhere to all the protocols.

“Now we have to monitor the kisses, the intimate spaces, the touching, the hugs- it is a whole new world, but it is one that we have no control over.”

Any hints as to who will be joining in the future?

“There is definitely new faces that will appear in the coming days, but I would like to keep that a surprise.”

Last words?

“’Legacy’ has been an exciting and challenging project that we have really enjoyed making and it is very exciting to see that the audience love it as much as we do.”

Legacy airs Monday to Thursday on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 7pm.

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