My Kitchen Rules South Africa season 2 winners Rox and Spoen Green. Picture: Supplied.

It was a nail biting finale filled with drama, laughter and suspense, great food and not so great food, but ultimately, it was the Green sisters who won over the judges, the title of MKR winners and R1 million. 

Country sisters Rox and Spoen who are from Winterton in KwaZulu-Natal, took on Kim and Pashi in the final round of the popular cooking show. Both teams were tasked with creating a gourmet five-course meal.

Judging and scoring each dish were the show’s resident judges David Higgs and J’Something, as well as celebrity chef Reza Mahammad, who is often referred to as “the spice prince” of The Food Network. Editor of Fresh Living Justine Drake, who has her own cooking show, Just Cooking. Popular celebrity chef and food stylist Zola Nene and and South African filmmaker, chef and television personality Justin Bonello, who is best known for his cooking and travel show, Cooked.

Rox and Spoen based their five-course spread on what they know best - farm life and vegetables. They started off  with line fish ceviche served with crackers and herb pesto; their soup was a bone broth with vegetables and chicken skin which was well received. “I love the aroma of this broth, it smells like chicken pie, and for me, that’s already inviting,” said Zola Nene while chef Reza raved about it being very well-flavoured.

Despite Kim and Pashi’s impressive effort, Rox and Spoen’s dishes won over the show's judging squad, with their combined score across the five courses giving them a clear edge. The farm sisters scored a total of 47 out of 60 points, beating Kim and Pashi by eight points.

The sisters said they plan on buying their domestic helper, who they describe as one of their best friends, a mode of transport. "Sindisiwe is the most epic human in the world, she stays late with us cooking every single day. We said that if we won we would buy her a mode of transport to get to work everyday and that is what we are going to do. We will also be hosting pop up restaurants, " said Rox.

They also plan on investing their winnings into their own restaurant.