Shannon Esra, Kate Liquorish and Tiffany Barbuzano are the leads in M-Net's drama, "Still Breathing". Picture: Supplied
Shannon Esra, Kate Liquorish and Tiffany Barbuzano are the leads in M-Net's drama, "Still Breathing". Picture: Supplied

'Still Breathing' promises jaw dropping intensely bittersweet finale

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published May 21, 2020

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In the penultimate episode of M-Net’s "Still Breathing", Jess (Tiffany Barbuzano) said: “I’m here to help my sister plot revenge...what do you want me to do to her? She’s a lying piece of s**t and I want her to pay”

To which, Abi (Kate Liquorish), who discouraged Jess from following through with her plans, responded: “And I just want to erase her from my memory and pretend like she never existed. I don’t want you to fight for me anymore. You need to fight for what you want.”

The person in question here is Candice (Abi’s best friend), played by Shannon Esra. For those who missed the series or several episodes, Candice was having an affair with Abi’s husband, Trent (Brendan Pollecutt). He died in a car accident in the first episode and Candice was with him at the time - they were making their way to a secluded hideaway. 

That’s not the only secret to come to light. 

Tonight, viewers will get to see how the different characters deal with their own personal setbacks while also processing Candice and Trent’s long-running affair. 

Before the morality police pass judgement, it’s a complicated issue that goes back many years prior to Trent and Abi tying the knot. 

TBoss (Siv Ngesi) with his wife Noli (Fulu Mugovhani) in a poignant scene from "Still Breathing".

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'Still Breathing" explores the journey of a close-knit group of friends, which included TBoss (Siv Ngesi), a doctor, father and husband, struggling with his cultural identity. His wife Noli (Fulu Mugovhani) has been wrestling with her own demons and decided to leave to discover who she is and what she wants.  

TBoss, who has been blessed to have a biological mother as well as an adoptive mother, finally makes peace with his misgivings about how he was raised.

Then we have Stephan (Ty Keogh) finally getting his shot with Abi. 

Meanwhile, Candice learned that Matthew (Garion Dowds) was the son she gave up for adoption - a discovery that tears the Williams family apart as Trish (Susan Danford), the matriarch, discovers her husband Oliver (Sean Taylor) forced Trent into making this tough decision all those years ago. An act, she can't forgive.

Candice (Shannon Esar) learning that Matthew (Garion Dowds) was the son she gave up for adoption in "Still Breathing".

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Admittedly, I’m holding my breath for tonight’s episode. More so, after Abi realised her mistake in shunning Lucille (Lorcia Cooper), who tried to stop her from making a great mistake by telling her the truth about Trent and Candice, 20 years back. 

A true friend, Lucille tried to be there for Abi on numerous occasions only to be shown the door. 

Written by Barbuzano, "Still Breathing" is an intricately-woven tale of life, love, loss, family, friendship, forgiveness and hope.

In the previous episode, Jess realised her mistakes in her relationship with baby daddy, Danny (Brandon Auret).

“We lost each other you know, in the middle of the kids and the bills, and the fighting and the shouting and being so sad. We lost each other. We can fix this. We can. We just have to find each other again,” she said, in a very emotionally-charged scene. 

Jess (Tiffany Barbuzano) rekindles her relationship with Danny (Brandon Auret) in "Still Breathing".

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And he responded by popping the question.

In a quick chat with Barbuzano, she said: “Tonight is the culmination of three years of hard work, of passion and love and huge dedication from the BEST cast and crew we could have imagined. I’m honestly the proudest storyteller in the world right now. The way this show has been received has exceeded anything I imagined. It’s intensely bittersweet. 

“I’m incredibly emotional. I feel like these characters are my family and I’m sad to say - see you later (not goodbye... goodbyes are too final).”

She added: “I’m also so excited because tonight’s episode is going to blow the socks off people! Even the cast (most of them, at least) doesn’t know how it ends. They only got half a final episode because there is a huge twist.”

“My lips are sealed. What I will say is that love wins,” she hinted.

"Still Breathing" is on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 8pm. If you missed the series, don’t worry, the box-set will be available on Catch Up as well as DStv Now.

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