Josie was voted of M-Net's 'Survivor SA' last night after dodging being voted off five tribal councils.

Serial Tribal Council survivor Josie’s luck finally ran out on Thursday's episode of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines as her sixth visit proved a bridge too far for her in the game. 

Having survived a rock draw in the second episode after two tied voting rounds and been voted out of Luzon – but not out of the game – during a surprise tribe swap saw her charmed torch finally snuffed when she wasn’t able to break the contentious ‘Mindanao Strong’ bond between Toni and PK.

Josie spoke to IOL Entertainment shortly after her dismissal from the show. 

Why did you decide to enter 'Survivor South Africa: Philippines'? 

I am a huge fan of Survivor and watched it all the time. I also love adventure and when the opportunity came about it was really a no-brainer. I believed that I had what it took to make it to that final spot. 

How did you prepare for it? 

Physical attributes aside, I brushed up on previous seasons from a strategic stand point. I cut out all the naughty foods I love and knew I wouldn't get on the island. And my family and friends said that I went into a zone: I guess I had started to detach in preparation of leaving for the island. 

What was your strategy going into the game? 

I wanted to be the complete opposite than I am in reality. I knew that I wanted to fly under the radar but circumstances on the island is totally different when you in the game. So although you go in with a strategy, a lot depends on luck. And I had somehow become the underdog without even trying. It worked for  while. 

What did you learn from Survivor? 

The beautiful irony is that this is a game based on lies, deceit and using people, but when everything stripped off you and you are alone facing the elements with strangers, you have to get by through trusting these people and connecting with them. If you get even one person on your corner you can make it through. 

Any regrets? 

Not finding an idol. 

What was the first thing you did when you where off the island? 

En route I craved chocolate so much that using my buff, I begged for some extra coins. I used it to buy nuttela stuffed pancakes. They were the best I've ever eaten. 

Finally, did your Survivor experience out do what you had in mind? 

Yes! It was an authenic experience, I left at a positive point. It was my R1 million adventure and I can scratch it off my bucket list now.