Survivor SA will be hosted by veteran presenter Nico Panagio. Picture: MNET

After 39 days of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting their fellow castaways, the Final 3 on M-Net’s "Survivor South Africa: Philippines" are just two hours away from the R1 million prize and title of ‘Sole Survivor’. 

And in a season which was all about vicious twists, unexpected turns and cataclysmic blindsides, the epic two-hour finale of "Survivor South Africa: Philippines"  on Thursday is set to turn up the heat, like never before.

Annalize, Jeanne and Tom must face one final Immunity Challenge, with the winner securing an epic advantage – not just a guaranteed ticket to the final, but also the ability to vote one member off the Jury as they prepare to make their case for the Million. To win the ultimate advantage, they’ll have to combine speed, skill and stamina – and keep their wits about them.

It all comes down to this week – who can claim the final, pivotal advantage of the season, and what can the Final Two say to convince the Jury to hand them R1 million and the title of Sole Survivor? 

Tune in to "Survivor SA: Philippines" on Thursday for the epic two-hour finale at 7pm on M-Net 101 to see who outlasts after outwitting and outplaying their fellow Castaways.