America Gopie. Picture: Supplied

"The Bachelor SA" contestant America Gopie spoke out about being cyberbullied after the fourth episode of the dating reality show aired on Thursday. 

Taking to Instagram, Gopie posted a picture of her in hospital after she had jaw reconstructive surgery three months before filming the popular show. 

In the caption, the attorney starts off by saying that it was "one of the most difficult evenings I have ever had to endure". Stating that it breaks her heart that "women in South Africa think it’s okay to berate and denigrate a woman who has tried to battle bullying for years". 

Gopie then detailed being teased when she was younger for her teeth and that she found it strange that she was being berated online for her "adult braces" due to her not conforming "to society’s standard of being beautiful". 

She then told all the bullies that "pointing out someone else’s flaws, does not make you pretty". And thanked everyone who is supporting her during her journey.