Marisia van Wyk and Marc Buckner seal their love with a kiss and a relationship ring in "The Bachelor SA". Picture: M-Net Publicity
Marisia van Wyk and Marc Buckner seal their love with a kiss and a relationship ring in "The Bachelor SA". Picture: M-Net Publicity

'The Bachelor SA' picks Marisia van Wyk in nerve-wracking season finale

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published May 28, 2020

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Hearts were thumping and the nerves got the better of everyone as they tuned in to the finale of M-Net’s "The Bachelor SA".

Everyone held their breath as the dashing Marc Buckner made his choice between 24-year-old speech therapist, Marisia van Wyk, and 31-year-old travel agent, Bridget Marshall.

He clearly had a great connection with both women but the relationships were poles apart, too. 

In the end, it was Marisia who melted his heart. How could it not with those cute dimples and adventurous personality?

Marisia van Wyk and Marc Buckner celebrate their love in the season finale of season two of "The Bachelor SA". Picture: M-Net Publicity

It has been an incredible journey for Marc as well as the 22 hopefuls. 

Emotions ran high, tempers flared, hearts melted and tears were par for the course in every episode this season. 

In the recap moments, Marc admitted: “I didn’t know that I would learn so much about myself and others. I’ve been so emotionally invested. I’ve shed tears over these women.”

Although he didn’t want to hurt anyone, including Bridget, the situation was beyond his control.

Was he conflicted ahead of the big reveal? Of course. 

He confessed: “Marisia is so unusual and mature for her age. I’m very attracted to her. With Bridget, we started off as friends and now we are so much more.”

And so, he went on romantic last dates with each woman to make up his mind. 

On what he based his decision on, Marc added: “(It was) do I see this person as someone I can grow with, have a family with. To tell you the truth, both women are so amazing. The relationship is different. I could see myself with either of them.”

On the flip side, the women were going through their own struggles. Marisia recalled the first time she kissed Marc and didn’t want it to end. Bridget, who worked through a lot of insecurities on the show, gave her all to get picked. Sadly, Bridget didn’t get the result she wanted.

Bridget Marshall fought back the tears as Marc Buckner ended their journey on "The Bachelor SA". Picture: M-Net Publicity

But she handled the “break-up” most gracefully. 

She said: “Thank you for everything, I hope you and Marisia have a long life together.”

Meanwhile, Marisia was uncertain when she walked up to the altar. 

She was calmer as Marc said: “The first thing I noticed is how beautiful you are. Then you made it so difficult to get to know you because you ran away from me. Then we went on our dates together. Every second I spent with more, I wanted to spend more time with you. I think we make a great couple and I don’t want this journey to end with you.”

She responded: “It’s been tough. I’ve really fallen for you. There’s just something with you that I never felt with anyone before. I know there’s an age gap...we will grow together.”

Much has happened since that fairytale night - Marc and Marisia moved in together before the lockdown. Luna has taken a strong liking to Marisia, who bribes him with treats. Marc might be the third wheel in the relationship these days. 

In several videos of the couple during the lockdown, they clearly are perfect for each other. He’s the better cook, she’s learning. 

The chemistry is palpable and, now that Bridget got her closure with Marc while hinting at getting a wedding invite, everything seems to be as it should be. 

Marc and Marisia truly make a darling couple. Who knows wedding bells might be ringing in the near future and that’s as great a happy ending as we can expect.

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