Lee and Gina speak openly about what went wrong in their relationship after the show.
Lee and Gina speak openly about what went wrong in their relationship after the show.

#TheBachelorSA: Gina Meyers got the ring, but her fairy tale was short lived

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published May 10, 2019

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Thursday night's finale episode of "The Bachelor SA" came with a lot of twists and turns. The 90-minute special included the Women Tell All segment as well as final moments in Mauritius where Lee made his final decision. 

While Gina Meyer's fans were celebrating the fact that Lee Thompson chose her instead of Jozaan Dique, it was not long before the celebrations ended as the rest of the show revealed that Lee and Gina split up a few months after the filming that final episode.    

We spoke to Gina to find out more about her journey on the show:

How was the journey?

It was a life experience, something that I will never have the right words for. I experienced many highs and many lows, it is something that I will never forget and with people I will have forever.

You were lost for words when Lee offered you the ring, were you not expecting it?

Wow. I was literally lost for words. I think in my mind, I’ve been used to lots of things that are about to work or about to happen, and I get disappointed. I had tried to protect my heart and prepare myself for the worst. So this moment was just something that took my breath away and left me speechless. I felt like my happily ever after was exactly that moment.

Unfortunately it didn't work out for you two. Where did it go wrong?

I think that what I was ready for and what Lee was ready for weren’t meeting. Even though we thought we were on the same page, this experience for him had a different impact after. He couldn’t commit, he wasn’t consistent and I think he needs time to work on himself. I need someone consistent but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. And this show has been the reason that I’m in such a strong and content place. I wish that for him too.

Did it throw you to see Lee's connections with all the other ladies in the mansion?

It’s really overwhelming to watch every feeling happen. There were moments when I could see how I was feeling, when I fell for him - and the moment he fell for me. I found it really heartbreaking and sad knowing the outcome. But watching him with the other girls wasn’t so bad because I had dealt with these emotions in the mansion. I genuinely have a love for the ladies. I smiled at every smile they had. And my heart broke for every time there’s broke. I have no idea how I compartmentalized it all- but somehow I did.

What did you take away from the show?

I’m just a much more confident and stronger person. I am content and I am grateful for every person in my life. I learnt that I am not competitive in the right sense. I learnt that I am so much stronger than I thought. And most importantly, I learnt a new love for myself.

Will you enter again?

I would never enter The Bachelor again. I don’t regret it - but I think I learnt all my lessons I have needed to from being in a house with 23 other women. Hehe. And also from Lee.

Given the opportunity to be The Bachelorette, will you?

If you had asked me a few months ago, I would have said an affirmative no. But looking back... I still believe that this is a show about love -and I found so much love. There could only be more from it. So maybe.

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