Lee chose Gina in the finale of The Bachelor SA, however their dream of being together was short lived. Picture: Supplied

It was a roller coaster ride of emotions as M-Net’s season one of "The Bachelor SA" came to an end on Thursday night.

Fans were treated to twists and turns in a 90-minute episode which included Lee Thompson’s final decision and The Women Tell All segment were Lee was left to face the full might of the ladies.

While reactions on social media led us to believe that Jozaan was Lee’s obvious choice, it was in fact Gina who stole his heart and got the diamond encrusted ring. During the episode it was also revealed that despite the journey of love Lee and Gina had been on, the couple are not together anymore.

We spoke to Lee to find out more about his journey on the show:

How was the journey?

The journey was an emotional roller coaster with many intense emotional connections formed.

We could see rejecting Jozaan was difficult, how did you feel? 

It was extremely emotional for me. The feelings I had for Jozaan were really strong and having to hurt her like that was the toughest thing I've ever had to do to someone. Caring so much for her is what made it so tough.

 What did you learn from the show? 

That it's okay to be vulnerable and lay your heart on the line. Once you fully open up to love, love will find its way to you.

It's unfortunate that you and Gina are no longer together. What went wrong? 

I was extremely emotionally confused after the show and was going through a tough time, as was Gina. I wasn't fully there for Gina when she needed me through that emotionally tough time. Keeping things a secret also put pressure on the relationship and things got off to a rocky start and never fully recovered. We were also apart after the show for a few months and I don't believe that helped our relationship.

Did the show take a toll on you emotionally? Do you still believe in love? 

The show took a huge toll on me emotionally because I am so invested in finding the right person to share my life with. It was an extremely emotional experience, falling for more than one person and having to choose between them. I still believe in love and I’m still willing to lay my heart on the line again. I believe love will find its way into my life again.

Where to from here?

I'll be focusing on building my career and businesses so that when I find the one to settle down with I'm able support them and give them all that they want and in turn my children. I want to share a beautiful life with someone truly special. My heart is still fully open to love.