Toni Tebbutt. Picture: Supplied

Firebrand Toni Tebbutt’s turbulent stay on "Survivor South Africa: Philippines" ended with a pointed finger and a muttered warning at Tribal Council on Thursday night as her ‘Mindanao Strong’ alliance mates ditched her in the homestretch of the game.

Treemail news that Reward and Immunity Challenges would be combined was bad for Toni, who desperately needed time to try and scramble up off the bottom of the tribal pecking order. When she failed to win the challenge, she was sent to Exile Island with Annalize by winner Tom. 

To make matters worse, she heard news that they’d be heading straight to Tribal Council, without any time to confer with the other Castaways, so she could only hope that her alliance would hold strong, but it didn’t and she was voted off.

IOL Entertainment spoke to her after her island exit:

Were you shocked by your alliance voting for you?

I knew my time was limited but I really thought that I had another night or so to extend my time but I was very shocked and hurt by being voted off which is why I even said “Really, guys?”.

Why did you call Werner a snake and not Tom?

I know a lot of people don’t like Tom, even viewers, but Tom never wrote my name down and unlike Werner, he suck to his guns. Werner made a ton of promises he never kept.

Would you vote for Werner if he made it to the Top 2?

You know I might find forgiveness in my heart, you just never know.

Why did you enter Survivor South Africa: Philippines?

I have always been a huge fan; my family and I always watched the American version and I always wanted to try it out, so when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it. I also wanted to challenge myself — and who doesn’t want the chance to win a million rand?

How did you prepare?

I actually ate a lot so I could put on some weight, you don’t get a lot of time to prepare. I also did a lot of meditation.