Trevor Gumbi, Nina Hastie and Tyson Ngubeni to headline Virtual Comedy Bar

Trevor Gumbi Picture: DK EXPRESSIONS

Trevor Gumbi Picture: DK EXPRESSIONS

Published May 21, 2021


Monday night is going to get a new twist to it when the first episode of the new season of the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar premieres next week.

Comedy Central Live at the Comedy Bar is back and bigger than ever and is set to feature a star-studded lineup of legendary South African comedians as well as some of the most talented rising comics.

The season premiere will feature a South African comic legend who needs no introduction.

Trevor Gumbi, best known for his work as a comedian, writer, actor and co-host will headline the episode, performing a set that will take fans right back to the star's stand-up days.

He will be joined by seasoned South African stand-up comedian Nina Hastie who has performed at every major (and minor) venue in the country as well as at all major comedy festivals in South Africa over the past 15 years.

The comedian will do what she does best, performing an hilarious set that is sure to deliver nonstop laughs.

The show will also give a platform to rising comic stars who have been making a name for themselves in recent years.

One such comic is Tyson Ngubeni, who has had a whirlwind year and is best known for his alter ego, Bob O Connor. The star will perform a sketch act on the episode that fans will surely know and love!

The premiere episode airs on Monday on Comedy Central (DStv Channel 122) at 10pm.

The rundown of all the comedians set to feature in this season of Comedy Central Live at the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar include:


Trevor Gumbi

Tumi Morake

Nik Rabinowitz

Siya Seya

Lazola Gola

Nina Hastie

Nonto R

Dillan Oliphant

Sketch Acts

Farieda Metsileng

Tyson Ngubeni

Sihle Vezi

Lurdes Laice

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