#Uyangthandana? host Moshe Ndiki and Dineo Moeketsi. Picture: Twitter

Season 3 of Mzansi’s favourite dating show, Uyang'thanda Na? kicked off with more humour as Moshe Ndiki helps bachelor Tebatso declare his undying love for unsuspecting friend and former classmate, Lebo. 

Lebo said she only agreed to go to the show because she was curious to see who was crushing on her, and was somewhat surprised by Tebatso’s revelation that he is in love with her, as they were just “friends”. 

"I love you as a friend," said Lebo politely. She even accepted the unicorn fluffy toy, the Uyang'thanda Na? team gave Tebatso to present to her as a gift, naming the toy "Ben", Tebatso's other name.

This clearly proves that once you’re in the friend zone, there’s no coming back!

Lebo continued to tell her pursuer that she has a boyfriend but Tebatso didn't seem fazed by the knowledge that his crush was taken. He was so persistent he said he was willing to become her second boyfriend.

"What are the requirements for someone to become your second boyfriend?," asked Tebatso.

Fans of the show were just too excited that their fav is back!

Episode one went down with a NO for Tebatso but viewers are already waiting for next week's show.