Siyabonga Thwala, host of Yobe. Picture: Supplied
This week’s edition of Yobe, the television show that helps offenders seeking forgiveness through the Department of Correctional Service's Victim Offender Dialogue, featured a convicted double murderer Phineas who shot and killed his girlfriend and mother of his son Vinolia in what seemed to be a rage-fuelled incident. 

 A young man known to the couple Kgomotso was also shot and killed by Phineas.
In his explanation of what he'd like the outcome of the Department of Correctional services Victim-offender dialogue, he said: " I hope they find it in themselves to humble themselves and forgive me".

The parents of the deceased have made their hurt very clear, that they were not sure that they were willing to forgive Phineas.

At the dialogue, Phineas started off lying to the families about what happened that fateful day, until Kgomotso's grandmother called him out on his lies.

He then revealed that Kgomotso had been an innocent bystander in the shooting, and he had murdered him to get rid of the evidence.

Vinolia, on the other hand, he insisted that he had murdered because of the battle they'd been having over their now 16-year-old son.

Phineas alleged that he shot Vinolia after she asked him if he was sure he was the father of their child. 

This after he had requested to take the child home to Musina with him.

By the end of the episode, the families opted to not forgive Phineas, until he was willing to disclose the truth of what transpired on the day he killed Vinolia and Kgomotso.

Viewers seemed relieved that the families refused to forgive Phineas as he did not show any remorse.