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Kuhle Adams Picture: Instagram

Youth Day: Kuhle Adams fell in love with presenting

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jun 16, 2020

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Kuhle Adams, a co-presenter on SABC3's Expresso Morning Show, went through many highs and lows in the entertainment industry, but she's finally found her calling and has settled down perfectly on the breakfast show. 

"Growing up I was fascinated by the command my favorite presenters had and how much fun they were having while doing their job. My favorite shows were Jam Alley, Live and Out of The Box, watching the likes of Twasa, V-Mash, Pabi Moloi and Bonang doing their thing ignited something in me. 

"The older I became the more I explored the purpose of broadcasting and fell in love with the idea of connecting with millions of people and bringing joy directly to their living rooms," said the 23 year old Adams. 

Before landing the presenting job on "Expresso Morning Show", Adams' had her fair share of TV jobs. From being on the fourth season of SABC2's "Roughing It Out" to joining local TV production, "Voov Scoop", she was also involved with a few small pilot productions.

"This journey has been very challenging but very rewarding. It allows room for growth in many aspects of my life. I am still learning and there is so much more I am yet to encounter and learn and that is what is exciting about it," she said. 

Apart from the good, Adams also acknowledges that there still are many challenges that youth face in today's society. 

"The challenges faced by the youth of today are difficult to directly pin point because there are so many. 

Gender Based Violence is at the top of the list, it needs to be prioritized and addressed. We unfortunately live in a world where women and children are not safe and suffer at the hands of perpetrators that almost never face the full wrath of the law. Young men should be taught consent and how to treat women from a young age," said Adams.  

She said Youth Day for her is a day to commemorate how far Black youth of South Africa have come.

"The strength and power and action of the youth of 1976 catalyzed change in our society. That collective will power makes me believe that if we come together we can achieve anything we put our minds to," she said. 

The presenter said her family keeps her ground and focused on her goals and dreams.

"My family is my foundation and support system, I call home every time I feel low because they are the people I want to succeed for. They remind me of who I am, where I come from and why I do this everyday. 

"My advice for other young and upcoming talent is...Do it for the right reasons. Do it for yourself. If you believe in yourself and your dreams, put in the work and do not give up. But always remember it is an industry of great responsibility and purpose,". 

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