Yusuf Abraamjee hosts the eNCA show titled "Crimewatch". Picture: Supplied

Anti-crime advocate and vice president of Crime Stoppers International Yusuf Abramjee wants to make South Africa a safe place - and he plans to use his new weekly news show to do so.

Crimewatch launched earlier this month on eNCA with a strong focus on crime awareness.

The programme also includes verified footage of actual crime scenes like house robberies, hijackings, fraud, cash in transit robberies, gang violence and drugs; interviews with crime experts and updates on arrests.

“Crime affects us all. We cannot dig our heads into the sand. The idea is to show what is happening in SA, we screen videos of actual crimes, we provide useful tips and we will have experts providing analysis and commentary. The show will also feature SA’s most wanted. I believe the show will go a long way to create awareness and help prevent crime. We will also showcase the good and bad and hold authorities to account,” said Abramjee about the show.

He said he took the opportunity offered by eNCA because he has always been passionate about creating a safer SA.

“As an activist I want to make a difference. As a former journalist and editor I believe I am able to best provide useful information to the viewers. We all have a role to play. We will provide tips. Citizens must be alert. We will study actual crimes and show viewers what could have been done differently,” said Abramjee.

He said so far the response to the show on social media has been very encouraging.

“We want to ensure Crimewatch is grabbing and useful to viewers. We want citizens to all join hands and create safer neighbourhoods. We can’t simply sit back and see criminals run amok. We need proactive measures,” Abramjee said.  

Crimewatch will also share tips on how to stay safe and protected in a crime-challenged country.

Abramjee’s tips on safety for readers include, always staying alert;  be co-operate with the criminals and remember your life comes first; become an active citizen and join your community neighbourhood watch group, community police forum and always know your surroundings.