Franklin and Bash: Season 3

Heather Locklear made her TV breakthrough in the 1980’s prime-time soapie Dynasty. Her career has yo-yoed quite a bit since. Thankfully, she is flying high once again as Rachel Rose King, a hotshot lawyer and the new partner in Franklin & Bash. Debashine Thangevelo looks at what she has in store for the boys as she has some fun in their legal playground.

THOSE spell-binding blue eyes and the gorgeous blonde locks made Heather Locklear quite the hottie as Sammie Jo Carrington in Dynasty.

Over the years, she has continued to steam up the small screen playing the vixen in Melrose Place before revealing her flair for comedy with Spin City. Her other major series role was TJ Hooker.

But in all the cameo and made-for-TV movie roles she’s done to date, she hasn’t quite managed to leave viewers stupefied. Her performances have been run of the mill, at best.

Even her other so-called big TV series, LAX, threw her career into a tailspin as it bombed in its first season. And this was despite the star clout of Blair Underwood.

Of course, careers, like most shows in Hollywood, have their ups and downs.

Now she is back and on fire in her role as Rachel Rose King in the third season of Franklin & Bash. Aside from being a hotshot lawyer who buys into Infeld•Daniels•King LLC, she has history with Elmo “Jared” Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark- Paul Gosselaar) – she humiliated them on national TV and they are still licking their wounds.

Speaking about what made her give this role the nod, Locklear said: “I have never played a lawyer before. And, you know, when shows are on for a couple of seasons already, it’s always nice to go in on that; especially when they are well-oiled machines (so to speak).”

As for her chemistry with the guys, the actress laughed: “You know what, I think anyone would have instant chemistry with those two boys. So that happened pretty much right away – they were joking and laughing.”

In her element as a bossy character á la Amanda Woodward (Melrose Place), Locklear was asked if viewers would get to bear witness to some imperiousness.

“I think she does (show it) towards the end. But she’s not really pulling shenanigans – she is just having a few sexcapades.”

King is strong-willed, sharp-witted and cunning at the same time, and she wields much influence.

She added: “I like that she’s strong, well-educated and knows the world leaders and her business.”

On how she affects the dynamics at the firm, especially with Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) going through a personal crisis in the first few episodes of the new season, Locklear hinted: “I do see a sort of power struggle over the firm down the line because he hands over the reins to her to, you know, get everyone in shape.

“And I step on toes a bit. But it’s so fun working with Malcolm. He is so twinkly and sparkly and such fun.”

As for separating Franklin and Bash, she chuckles: “It’s kind of bratty but she has to be as bratty as they are. I think she wants to show her power over them and that she means business.”

Although Locklear is elated to have such a powerhouse character in an established series, she isn’t naive of the pressure it places on her as well.

“It’s a compliment but so much pressure, too. But, really, I’m just bringing something to the show. With or without me, it’s really good, funny and fun,” she said.

Having appeared in Boston Legal and Ally McBeal, Locklear is adequately versed in the genre. Look, she is no Jessica Pearson (Suits) – but she has enough chutzpah to gain a loyal following.

• Franklin & Bash airs on M-Net Series Showcase (DStv channel 113) on Sundays at 8pm.