(File image) Singer Loyiso Bala.

Just when you think you are getting used to the idea of Loyiso Bala being a full-time gospel musician, he drops another bombshell; he is now going to have a TV show.

Coming to your screens next week on the Christian channel, ONE Gospel, Call To Worship will show another side to Bala as a TV host.

“A while ago, God spoke to me about a new thing coming up and I was curious what it would be,” said Bala.

“So it happened that I got married last year and I thought that was what God wanted to show me. But it wasn’t just it.

“Then I heard the master copy of my album, Love Complete, I thought ‘wow, that’s fresh, maybe this is the new thing God was talking about’. But I had dated my wife for four years and so we knew what we were getting into and I have been doing music for a while so I knew what my album would sound like – so no surprises there.

“But it was when I stepped on to the set of Call to Worship, when the lights were on and the cameras started rolling, that I realised that this was new. My body went into a state of shock in the opening sequence and I had to calm myself down,” he explained.

And you can almost see it when you view the first episode because the singer, who has become used being interviewed, does the interviewing for a change.

The shows looks at uniting people from various backgrounds through song. The show is formatted in themes, so every episode is unique.

“I am really thankful for ONE Gospel for allowing me this opportunity to present a show on my own,” says Bala.

“They have never seen me do anything like this before, but still they trusted me with this responsibility.

“I met up with my cousin who gave me a round-up of what she sees in the show and I put one or two words there, took it to ONE Gospel, and they accepted it the way that it was,” he said.

Various artists – gospel and otherwise – are going to be invited to the show and share their experiences with God and how they allude to those experiences through song.

“I am not doing this so that people say Loyiso is a great presenter or anything. I am looking past my current success and instead concentrating on praising God through our guests’ talents,” he said.

Some of the guests to expect on the show include songstress Wanda Baloyi, rapper and TV personality ProVerb and ex-Idols star Boki.

They all talk about how God affects them in their lives and how, even though they do not have gospel albums, they find ways of praising Him.

“You see that this show is not about who sings, dances or raps better than the other, but it is really the battle of the hearts.

“Everyone who was a part of it had a heartfelt worship and some even more than others. In turn, in every episode I learn something new from someone,” he said.

• Call To Worship With Loyiso Bala premieres next week Thursday at 9pm on ONE Gospel (Channel 331).