ON THE RUN: Maggie Q kicks ass in her renegade spy role in the action drama, Nikita.

LOOKING at her credits, one thing is certain – Maggie Q is celebrated for her action roles.

Having left notable footprints in the movie sector with Around the World in 80 Days, Mission Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, Balls of Fury, Need for Speed and Divergent, her role as renegade agent Nikita Mears has left an indelible impression.

Sadly, her journey in Nikita, which is a remake of the French film of the same title, and La Femme Nikita, ends in the current fourth and final instalment.

In a chat with TVLine, the actress admitted to the opening sequence of this season being “totally traumatising”.

As for her return to the fold, Q notes, “She’s unable to stay away. She has once again got herself into a situation where she finds herself not realising that the team is upset that she left.

They’ve been tracking her and supporting her and waiting for this moment to reconnect with her. In that moment she really doesn’t have any other choice; she’s got herself in a bind yet again.”

Although her relationship with Seymour Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) is initially strained, his anger dissipates after her return.

Q says, “Her relationship with Birkhoff is like brother and sister. At the end of the day, there is so much love there. Birkhoff makes some comments about her leaving. But when he sees her, he’s thrilled”.

With this marking the end of an exhilarating run for the action drama, the writers are throwing a few curve balls, especially into Nikita’s love life. Someone from Nikita’s past – someone she loved – helps Michael (Shane West) better understand Nikita.

Hinting at some of the big moments this season, she offers, “You would think that the whole season is of her (Nikita) being hunted until the end, and then they find out she didn’t assassinate the president.

“Originally, we were trying to figure out the logic of it all, and that (seemed like) a clean plan — where it’s revealed that she didn’t do it and we wrap it up and Nikita walks into the light and we all feel yummy and good inside. And then we realised who we were.

“It ended up not working out that way because, first of all, it wasn’t that interesting, and second of all we needed that dominant relationship in both (Amanda and Nikita’s) lives to play out – not in a big-battle, physical way.”

And this search for closure leads to a nail-biting finish as Amanda intensifies her hunt and plants a few red herrings along the way.

The web of intrigue continues to spiral out of control as the cat-and-mouse chases escalate along with the frame-ups and pervading blind fury. Scores will be settled – but it will be done Nikita’s way.

By the way, Q will be returning to kick ass – but it will be as Detective Beth Davis in an as yet untitled police drama.

• Nikita, M-Net Series Showcase (DStv Channel 113), Wednesdays at 10pm.