Real Husbands of Hollywood. Picture: Supplied

Okay, so maybe reality shows are not that bad. This is me backtracking after learning that some of my favourite dudes have also gone into the reality show business. No, I am not talking about the LA Lakers (though that would be funny), I am talking about some of the game changers in Hollywood right now. You know, the topical people we are curious about, not some so-called Real Housewives from somewhere or the other.

We’re talking comedians, actors and musicians who have done well in Hollywood and, despite its pressures, have managed to settle down and marry.

That’s what Real Husbands of Hollywood brings you.

From comedian and actor Kevin Hart to singer Robin Thicke, this show is probably going to be more popular with ladies than the men, as they’ll want to drool over the “ones who got away”.

Joining Hart and Thicke are Nick Cannon (aka Nick Carey), Tisha Campbell-Martin’s husband Duane, Curb Your Enthusiam’s JB Smoove and every ladies’ dream, Boris Kodjoe.

Suddenly it all looks like a couple of pages from a GQ maga-zine, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re into these individuals’ lives beyond just their professions, then you are in for a good time with Real Husbands of Hollywood.

First things first. The only things that are real is these guys’ names and occupations, but after that it gets pretty fake and they don’t even try to hide it.

So the men get a loose script which they have to follow, but only to a point.

Since we have been seeing a lot of the women in reality shows it is good to see the men step up to give us a bit of a testosterone perspective of things.

It is unclear what the criteria were when it came to selecting the show’s participants. They all have celebrity wives, except for the recently divorced Hart. We get guest visits from big names such as rapper Nelly, talk show king Jay Leno, ex-basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, Trey Songz and many others. All these celebs add their two cents’ worth on what it means to be committed to someone.

But they also find fun guy things to do just to show the women how much fun men can have when left to their own devices.

Just for kicks, and because this show is scripted, you will see some skits taken from other reality shows, or incidents that made the news. In essence, it is hard to call this a reality show because it is based on a script, but then the parties involved go all out to ad lib and exaggerate their reactions in given scenarios. It is all too hilarious, especially when Hart and Smoove are in the mix.

The idea was conceived at a BET Awards ceremony and received some serious response, so Hart and the guys decided to do a show. Because we have been drowning in a lot of oestrogen from reality shows over the years, it is time things got a bit manly and we couldn’t be happier.

• Real Husbands of Hollywood premiers on TopTV’s BET, channel 190, on Wednesday at 10.30pm.