The Game

When you think of the rapper Game (pictured) as being a family man, it is hard to believe, given that we see a different persona come through in his music. There, he is a personality who celebrates crime, sex and violence, all of which are far removed from the average person’s profile. Nevertheless, the show must have resonated with viewers seeing that we now have a second season of Marrying The Game.

In the first season we met Game and his fiancee Tiffney Cambridge, who is a school teacher. The two had then been together for eight years and have two children. They are practically married, but they haven’t made if official as yet..

The first season gave us this background info and it led us to believe the pair would walk down the aisle, since everything pointed in that direction. As luck would have it, for drama lovers that is, Tiffney called off the wedding, citing some commitment issues with the rapper.

So you’d have guessed right if you thought the second season is about the pair making up. Well played, if you ask me, but there is one problem – the show’s title is misleading. At first, you’re led to believe that the pair are actually getting married, but when she changes her mind you realise that you have been strung along all the time.

But that’s TV, isn’t it?

Like that time when Dallas had the hit story arc with the title, Who Killed JR? Everything else on the show stopped and we tried to find out who had killed Larry Hagman’s character. When the producers see a way to prolong a show, they tap the well until it runs dry.

So that’s what happened with the first season of Marrying The Game. Let’s face it, Game is far from the marrying type, although he loves his woman and often speaks about his kids in his music. Putting that ring on, however, is something few rappers do. In fact, the only reason we know Jay-Z is married is because of Beyonce. If she was just another random woman, she probably wouldn’t have tied him down.

The same theory can be used on Kanye West who could have had any woman, but only decided to settle down with Kim Kardashian.

Let’s face it, power couples draw real media attention. Most celebrities know this and cash in on it. Since Tiffney is not really a celebrity, she doesn’t fall into this category and perhaps that’s why Game is dragging his feet. Look at Future and Ciara – the moment that dude had a chance to tie her down, he did it in a heartbeat.

Back to Game. In the second season, we see the softer side of the rapper as he tries to win back his love. It is a very soapie season which is funny because Game is one of the baddest rappers to come out of the West Coast.


• Marrying the Game, Wednesday, 7.30pm, Vuzu (DStv channel 116).