The CEO of, Marcel Golding, apparently once remarked that as long as he has WWE on his channel, will always do well.

WWE Wrestling superstars are heading to South Africa for an action-packed tour. The tour starts at GrandWest Arena on Wednesday and Thursday, then moves to Durban at the Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on Friday and ends off with two shows in Johannesburg at the Coca-Cola Dome on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s a Royal Rumble match – tables, chairs, ladders match, and no disqualification. Pain is the name of the game and the WWE universe loves it. The last time the stars graced our shores was in 2007.

This year the line-up includes wrestlers Kane, Mark Henry, Mexican wrestler Alberto del Rio and the Big Show.

Del Rio and the Big Show spoke to Tonight about what South African wrestling fans can look forward to. Del Rio is known for a life of opulence and a taste for a challenge. This is what he had to say:

“Alberto is about class, power and cars and it shows every time he gets into the ring. That’s me inside and out. Some people may think I am arrogant, but some people like it and some do not like. It’s my job to make people angry and I like being the bad guy.

“Being part of the WWE universe has been the greatest experience of my life. It is going to be my first time in South Africa and I am looking forward to it. We love interacting with our WWE universe in South Africa. I did martial arts before this and I was wrestling back home in Mexico.

“I have been around for years and you have to bring all those things into the ring,” explained Del Rio.

Although he likes to think of himself as a character in the famous gangster movie Scarface, Del Rio only made his WWE debut last year and stunned everyone by beating Rey Mysterio. He has since gone on to win the Royal Rumble match. He’s even challenged the Big Show in the WWE Capitol match and these are his thoughts on the match.

“What happened with the Big Show was an accident and I have explained that to him. If he has a problem with me then I will sort him out in South Africa. Big Show is a big, ugly bald man and I am powerful and handsome. As we are both going to have a fight in South Africa, I will beat him. WWE had incredible performers and I have had many memorable fights. Royal Rumble has to be the greatest fight of my career. My favourite wrestler is Rey Mysterio – every time we get into the ring magic happens, said a nonchalant Del Rio.

To say the Big Show is intimidating is an understatement. The 220kg giant has made mincemeat of formidable opponents such as Mark Henry, the Undertaker and John Cena. The wrestling star talked to us from the comfort of his Miami home where he was watching Disney’s A Christmas Carol with his daughters. This is what he had to say:

“I am sitting here with my daughters, they are behaving and enjoying the movies,” he said. At this moment I pause because his voice makes fear creep up my spine and I tell him that. He just laughs and says:

“Being scary is part of my wrestling profile, but I am just an ordinary family man whose wife makes him take the trash out. I am very thankful for the career I have, I would even do it free, but don’t tell the WWE bosses that. When you are young, you have dreams of becoming a wrestler, but you never think that door will be open for you. I used to be a basket ball player, but now I get to see the world and do what I love,” said the wrestler.

Big Show states he has had a lot of memorable fights, such as battling the Undertaker and facing Kane, which is why he feels Del Rio is small fry.

“He is trying to make a name for himself and I wish him a lot of luck. I’ll have fun and get to slap him in South Africa,” he explained.

With petty squabbles being the least of his worries, the Big Show is looking forward to returning to South Africa.

“I love the beautiful scenery, the cultures and how friendly people are in South Africa. The guys who will be going there for the first time keep asking what it’s like and I tell them that they have to try the traditional cuisines and take their cameras.

“What they will see in South Africa is the story they will be telling their kids one day,” explained Big Show.

* Tickets for the 2011 WWE South African tour are available at Computicket.