NeNe Leakes of the show "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is seen during the Bravo Media 2012 Upfront Presentation in New York April 4, 2012. Photo: REUTERS/Jason Szenes

Watching reality TV shows of some housewives and girlfriends can be annoying. You sit there, trying to figure out why anyone would care about these women’s lives.

If they happen to be the spouse of some wealthy guy, that does not necessarily make them interesting.

In most cases we all know what their men are famous for, but it is unclear why we should have to watch their lovers’ side-stories, especially when the men rarely appear in said shows.

The first mistake The Real Housewives of… series makes is to assume that because those participating have one thing in common – rich, famous husbands – they will automatically be friends. It is like assuming Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham are friends because their better halves are in the limelight. Not so.

That said, the incubator format that participating women are placed in has its light-bulb moments. While the contestants chat or fight about this or that, we get some insight into what their famous husbands come home to. Through the fly-on-the-wall approach into their lives, you get to understand how lavish the given personality’s life is through their bragging lover. At times you’d think you’re watching MTV Cribs the way the programme showcases the huge, luxurious houses these people live in.

But do we need such shows?

Many people will probably disagree, but I don’t think there is really any need for this kind of programming. But obviously a lot of people are enjoying this viewing as these shows keep getting commissioned for more seasons.

Look at The Real Housewives of Atlanta, for instance, with the third season now upon us and the characters remaining the same. We can safely conclude that the women’s activities are truly selling advertising space.

In season three we see the ladies reunite and share their experiences regarding what they did during their break. While everyone did a little something with their life, we will zoom in on the outspoken NeNe Leakes.

Anyone who watched The Celebrity Apprentice 4 knows Leakes was a force to be reckoned with and she gave fellow contestants a whole lot of trash talk. She told La Toya Jackson that her only accomplishment was having her last name.

She had major issues with TV personality Star Jones, so much so that Leakes walked off the show, citing irreconcilable differences. That little move made her quite (in)famous, to the point that some TV directors are now throwing cool roles her way – and she is simply eating it all up.

Glee fans will tell you that the large woman is starring on the musical TV series as the esteemed synchronised swimming coach, Roz Washington. Again Leakes speaks her lines as she does on Real Housewives of Atlanta, with vigour.

Some reports say she is worth a little over $ 3 million (R23.1m), which is cool considering she only found stardom in 2008. Her mouth is her ticket and she is going to talk her way to the top.

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