Mzansi Magic's 'The Imposter' air every Sunday at 8pm.

Mzansi Magic's The Imposter is a drama series centred around a wealthy Pretoria family — and at only 10 episodes in, the show has brought out the best and worst of its viewers on social media.

The show's fickle fans — who can't seem to decide why they actually tune in every week — take to social media to express their thoughts about the latest episode, pushing it to the top of the trends list every Sunday.

Since it hit TV screens in October, viewers have expressed mixed emotions about the show, with many saying they were impressed with the actors, but not too taken by the storyline.  

Produced by Ferguson Films, the 13-part drama follows a story of twin sisters Mantwa and Matshepo Tau who find themselves at war.

One of the sisters breaks out of prison after 17 years and takes over the wonderful life of her identical twin, who is responsible for her incarceration.

It features some of the country's most notable actors such as Thishiwe Ziqubu, who takes the lead portraying the roles of Matshepo and her twin sister Mantwa, alongside Mpumi Mpama (as Reginald), Khulu Skenjana (as Caesar), Omuhle Gela (as Lerato), Zenzo Nqobe (as Junior), Mary Twala (as Gogo), Owen Sejake (as Warden Moloisi) to name a few.

A character that seems to keep many glued to their screens is Caesar, who portrays a role of an mentally unstable man who is being used by the former jailbird sister, Mantwa, to do her dirty work.

He also goes around killing people, but fans continuously take to Twitter to praise him for nailing the character and being a great actor.

@Ultra_Kem said: “Forget the dull storyline, the acting could've saved this show but only Caesar came to the set #TheImposter.”

@swazi_swazies said: “Caesar is my hero only reason I watch the Imposter.”

“Caesar is a good actor. He is my guy,” wrote phindile‏ @phindile_q, while @Iamanttonet wrote on twitter: “Sometimes we should give credit where its due. Clap your hands for Mantwa and Caesar's acting skills.”

Viewers said he deserved an award for pulling off a role so ‘stupid yet to powerful’.

“If Caesar doesn't win a SAFTA then angazi bafethu. I literally watch #TheImposter because of him,” @TsholoMothei said.

Some of the general reactions to the drama were positive but others negative.

Twitter user @princematyeka claimed she only watched it because she had to finish what she started. “We don’t watch the #TheImposter because we enjoy it, we watch it because we have to finish what we started.

Tlalane‏ @TlalaneLetlhaku keeps watching it but isn’t impressed: “This show annoys me so much but I watch it every Sunday,” wrote Tlalane, and as the show, on Mzansi Magic continued to provide mystery, suspense and tease viewers into believing the villain would eventually be caught.

It also attracted some who threw their weight behind the evil twin: “Am I the only one who loves Mantwa here,” asked @Zengi, with @importer2 saying: “.....she is bauss, no one can come between her and the fortunes amassed by her sister, and if she were to be caught and returned to prison, why would we watch it?”

With two Sundays to go before the show ends, it is set to keep social media lovers loving and hating it, watching it, tweeting about it and keeping it at the top of the trending lists.

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