Comedian, Nik Rabinowitz, and Chef, Hezron Louw tour SA and find themselves in unique situations.
Comedian, Nik Rabinowitz, and Chef, Hezron Louw tour SA and find themselves in unique situations.
Don't miss Tyres and Braaiers, the travel show with a twist.
Don't miss Tyres and Braaiers, the travel show with a twist.

In the new series, Tyres and Braaiers, the two have combined all the things that South Africans love most - cool cars, scenic locations and great food.

“Ultimately the show sees two guys having a lot of fun, driving weird and wonderful vehicles, from a vintage fire truck to a home built car and braaing in different locations while sharing a laugh. Our country and it’s people are beautiful and we don’t celebrate that enough. There were also a lot of things that both of us have not done before, so our reactions are sometimes priceless,” said Rabinowitz.

Produced by Urban Brew Studios and directed by Frankie Opperman, the pair visit locations like Braamfontein High Rise Beach, Cape Wineland and Lambert’s Bay. They also braai sheep head in the Agter Pakhuis area of the Northern Cederberg mountains and broedjies in the heart of OnderPappegaaiberg (under the parrot mountains) and even get their car washed in Soweto, where Rabinowitz says he almost paid lobola for a second wife and promised her uncles he will return for negotiations.  

“Doing a Durban Bunji, Soweto Spinning, and scoring a try at Kings Park Stadium against Hezron and Tera Mthembu, the captain of the Sharks Rugby Team was my most amazing experience during the show,”he said.

While some of Louw’s best experiences was visiting Muisbosskerm in Lambert’s Bay where he said had the best venue, vista and people.

Rabinowitz said through the course of the show, viewers will see how his and Louw’s bond grow stronger and stronger.

“Hezron has to constantly put up with my attempts at humour, which are at times weak. However, we’ve bonded on the road, and our chemistry deepens as the journey continues. We’ve shared some great moments - drinking brandy and coke in the bottle of a 1985 Toyota Avante, risking our lives jumping off a stadium roof, surfing giant one foot waves, and strolling hand and hand into the sunset and the padkos, cocktails and braais aren’t half bad either.”,” laughed Rabinowitz.

“I’m a recreational braaier, but not that into cars, so I’ve had to first feign an interest in things like pistons, cylinders and torque (there’s a lot of torqueing on this show). However, the car enthusiasts passion seems to be rubbing off on me, and I’ve started dragging, spinning, and drifting my Mini late at night on the streets of Cape Town (not). The Braais are an opportunity to meet everyday South Africans in their natural habitat, sample some great dishes and torque kak, which I am quite partial to,” he said.

Louw who is best known for his Top Chef South Africa fame and street food company, Sumting Fresh, said the show was a mix of everything he loves love - including the people.

“The cars have been fascinating, the food interesting and really good - and we’ve gone to places I would never have chosen to go to. Nik is a fantastic guy - super intelligent and witty. We bonded in the back seats of many a car. He pretended to like my cooking, I pretended to like his jokes. We push each other a lot - you have to have some fun,”said Louw.

Louw, who does most of the braaing on the show shared some of this mouth-watering tips for the perfect braai.

“It’s all about the fire- look after your coals. Show them some love. Make friends with your butcher, he will help you choose the best cut of meat. Always season before your meat goes on the fire; marinade or dry rub and always use tongs - I’ve burnt a lot of fingers,”he said.

Louw said the show will make people want to stay home and not miss out.

“People are going to love it. They’re going to stay at home and miss out on dates to watch this. The country needs some laughs right now. If we can’t laugh at each other and ourselves, we have nothing,” he said.

* Catch Tyres and Braaiers on SABC3 every Wednesday at 8.30pm.