Sli (Jo Anne Rayneke), Phiwe (Thuso Mbedu), Joyce (Matshepo Princess Maleme) and Amanda (Refilwe Madumo) star in Side Dish.

What happens when you mix, four married women, alcohol, sex and Ben 10 on a weekend away?

In a gripping new four-part drama, "Side Dish", on SABC1, we see how the women go to extreme lengths to cover up a murder in order to save themselves from going to jail and to save their marriages.

The show, which aired on Sunday for the first time, follows the lives of Sli (Jo Anne Rayneke), Phiwe (Thuso Mbedu), Joyce (Matshepo Princess Maleme) and Amanda (Refilwe Madumo) as they make decisions and action it to protect themselves. But will the ladies face up to their lies?  

Jo Anne Rayneke speaks more about her role.

Tell us about your role, Sli?

Sli is a woman who was born into a financially unstable family, and she has done anything necessary to change that. She loves to have fun, and she likes the better things in life.

What themes does the series explore?

Besides friendship, we explore basic human instincts, how far people are willing to go to protect themselves. We also explore the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby lifestyle, where young girls are getting married to older men in order to live a certain lifestyle. We explore the darker side of being a woman because most of what they do would be expected from men.

Is this storyline purely for entertainment or do you think viewers can take a lesson or two from the series?

There are few lessons to learn from this. Sometimes kids like to be left to make their own mistakes, this is a chance to see where some of those choices might land you.

It's about human nature, friendship and deception.

How do you wish the show does with its audience?

I hope it brings families together and creates a Sunday night ritual of being together to watch the lives of these ladies unfold. I hope it brings laughter and introspection to our viewer's and is received in the spirit it was made. A spirit of ubuntu and passion.

* Catch Jo Anne Rayneke as Sli on "Side Dish" on SABC1, Sundays at 8 pm.