The underwater cave system that our contestants went through reminded me of geography class. We had to study the spiky features which they called stalagmites and stalac-tites.

Simplified, these features are rock formations that develop over time through erosion. They are usually associated with limestone landscapes. I hope my geography teacher is reading this, and no, I didn’t Google it. The contestants were privileged to see this beautiful submerged world which is full of radiant colours and pure waters.


DJ Fresh. Of course he is not a contestant but he was asking for it when he said Nolan should do some raunchy dance at the very beginning of the episode. Clearly Nolan was not interested but with a million bucks and another day in paradise guaranteed, the big man had to. Shame on you, Fresh. And he even called him Nolan Knowles.


In theory the race on the canoes must have sounded like a great idea but just as we saw in the end, there were a lot of capsizing boats which hampered the flow of the race. It felt like watching a 100m race in which one-legged people raced each other.

They are most probably going to topple over each other, just as the rowers did. It also didn’t help that while they were rowing, there were some tokens that they were instruc-ted to get on the way. It was just one big splashy mess but they did find a winner.


Kudos to Phila for clinching the top spot. As usual he was having a lot of fun. His idea of having everyone feel unsafe by making them all pack was a brilliant one. Tshepo Mogale rose to the occasion though, with the pillows covering his vitals. He should have told King Phila a lame Chuck Norris joke at least rather than say that he did not know any. That’s like a cowboy who doesn’t know how to ride a horse or shoot a gun.


Classic line of the episode must have been from Joelle when she asked whether Phila had tried eating sand. They are all obviously playing the “model card” on her. Poor girl, she was so traumatised. From international ramps with international food to eating sand, it was really hard. And what happe-ned to Slikour and Poppy’s footage of the pleading sessions?


The first person to be shocked was Phila when Fresh told him that not one but two people were going to be evicted.

The instructions further dicta-ted that the pair would comprise a celebrity and a pleb, or a lucky winner as they call them here.

The look on Joelle’s face, tears within smiles, was melancholic.

Phila felt bad because she had eaten sand as he’d asked and apparently bought him a drink before.