Innocent and Vincent Ngobeni. Picture: Twitter

Talk about go big or go home. Innocent and Vincent Ngobeni's wedding on OPW was the epitome of glitz and glam.

The show’s loyal following were treated to all sorts of surprises: from the yellow chopper (that matched host Nomsa's dress) to the bride’s gorgeous gown, the groom's tailor-made suit, the couple's gift from the bride's father (a brand new car) and the 1500 guests.

Even the bride was caught unawares by the size of the crowd in attendance. When asked how many people were expected at the wedding, she said 350. Then, to everyone's shock, the bride's father corrected her and raised the total to about 1500, which included " chiefs and other dignitaries".

For Innocent and Vincent, this was a happy ending, but their road to the altar was anything but plain sailing.

Innocent, a pastor's daughter, fell pregnant out of wedlock. Her predicament brought brought shame and “embarrassment” to the family and the church. As if that was not enough, Vincent was unemployed at the time.

 Innocent and Vincent. Picture: Twitter

According to Innocent, she hid her pregnancy because it was expected of her as a pastor’s child to get married first before having children.

“It was an embarrassment, because as a pastor’s kid she was supposed to lead by example but we eventually accepted it all,” reiterated the bride’s father.

Vincent decided to pay lobola and then marry the love of his life.

The wedding theme was yellow and mint, with matching cake, decor, and stretch tents.

The decorators really outdid themselves as everything had a touch of class and elegance. Even the turbulent weather conditions couldn’t spoil the party.

Though she had made up her mind about Vincent, Innocent was in two minds in the run-up to the wedding … about her dress. Initially, she had her heart set on a gorgeous figure hugging gown with bottom frills, but instead she opted for a mermaid gown which she paired with white sneakers, instead of heels, and Tsonga traditional gear. Innocent looked amazing.

“The chopper was my father's idea,” said Innocent. No doubt, the pastor is rolling in the dough.

Judging from his cars, rumours made rounds that perhaps “bab umfundisi” paid for the wedding too, seeing that Vincent only started working last year.

The highlight of the wedding was when the bride knelt down in front of her husband as she put the ring on his finger.

“God knew what he doing when brought us together, I don’t regret marrying you,” she said.

If anyone still had doubts about Nomsa being the perfect host for this season of OPW, it seems her being multilingual gave her another tick, with fans cheering for her.

And strangely the Tsonga language sparked a conversation on Twitter, with some people complaining about the subtitles… really guys!